More Signs and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia Syndrome 

Most patients experience a numbness or tingling sensation in their hand or feet. This feeling can be described as a prickling or burning sensation.

Sensitive to Temperature: People with fibromyalgia can be extremely sensitive to temperature. Some patients report having cold hands and feet, while others feel very warm.  Sometimes the skin may change color in people with fibromyalgia, this condition is known as the "Raynaud's Phenomenon".

Skin Conditions: People with FMS may experience itchy, dry, or blotchy skin. Having dry eyes and a dry mouth is also common.  Fibromyalgia patients may report a feeling of swelling, particularly in their fingers. The cause of swelling, isn't inflammation like that since in arthritis, but is unknown. Some patients may also suffer from rashes, sores, and eczema. 

Chest Symptoms: Patients with fibromyalgia may also experience chest and upper body pain, shallow breathing, and problems with posture. Some patients may also suffer from muscle pain at the spot where the ribs meet the chest bone. This condition is referred to as "costochondralgia". Another condition that patients may develop is known as mitral valve pro lapse (MVP). This is where one of the valve of the heart bulges and causes a click or murmur during a heartbeat. MVP usually doesn't cause too much concern in patients, unless they suffer from another cardiac condition.

Equilibrium/Perception: Individuals with FMS may report feeling light-headedness and/or have problems with balance. Some experts speculate that fibromyalgia may affect the skeletal tracking muscles in our eyes, which explains the nausea or visual confusion some patients experience while driving or reading. Studies on FMS suggest that some patients suffer from a condition called "neurally mediated hypotension". This condition causes a person's blood pressure and heart rate to plummet when standing, which produces the light-headedness and nausea feeling.

Cognitive Disorders: Some fibromyalgia patients may experience cognitive problems such as having trouble remembering, concentrating on tasks, and easily feeling overwhelmed. Many FMS patients dub these cognitive symptoms "Fibrofog."

FMS patients have reported feeling hypersensitive to light, noise, odors, and weather changes. Some people with fibromyalgia may develop allergic-like reactions to a number of foods additives, chemicals, and medications.

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