Alternative Methods For Fibro Healing

Alternative Therapy Far East and India

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses - or flowers. Other times, using them as a form of therapy is even more satisfying. Alternative therapies have been around for a lot longer than conventional medicine - many therapies being the very roots of some of our modern medicines and therapies.

So much of what we are thankful for today in terms of non-drug treatment for fibromyalgia, has its genesis in the Far East, China in particular. Eastern medicine, thousands of years old in practice, continues to bring relief to fibro sufferers without the need for pills and other potential toxins.

Acupuncture is probably the most well-known of the Eastern therapies that has been useful to the successful treatment of muscle pain and associated symptoms of fibromyalgia. The addition of herbal remedies and aromatherapy create a treatment protocol that has shown to be very effective. The arts of Tai Chi and Qigong encourage movement without a lot of pain and increase the mind-body connection that is so important for fibromyalgia patients. You can learn more about these types of treatments in this section.

From the Southeast of Asia we received Ayurveda. This ancient medical system of India is considered to be a whole medical system with each component available to be used in conjunction with other aspects of Ayurveda or alone. The use of massage therapy, products and techniques for cleansing the body and herbal medicines to restore balance are finely tuned to individual needs.


Some Hands-On Therapies For Fibromyalgia

Of course, Eastern medicine is not the only way we are able to address the symptoms of fibromyalgia to make life easier for those who deal with the syndrome. Various physical therapies have been proven to be extremely useful and successful in helping with pain management. The following are some of the hands-on therapies you can learn about in this section of our site:

· Chiropractic care, which is used to correct misalignments in the spine

· Trigger point therapy to relieve the referred pain that is associated with trigger points and myofascial pain disorders that affect people with fibromyalgia

· Craniosacral therapy, the use of impulses to encourage a healthy flow of fluid through the brain stem and spine to relieve pain

· Reflexology is used to reach those places inside the body that cannot be reached through external touch using a form of massage

· Reiki, the holistic Japanese treatment that uses the feather light touch of the practitioner to encourage whole body health

· Chelation Therapy, used to bind toxic metals in the body and eliminate them

· Hydrotherapy to encourage muscle movement and relief from pain

· Watsu therapy is a Japanese form of hydrotherapy and includes mind-body awareness

· Slow-Breathing to calm the mind and to bring oxygen to the muscles

Treating the Mind without Drugs for Fibromyalgia Treatments

There are a number of excellent treatments that have been developed that deal with the psychological effects of fibromyalgia on an individual. The constant pain and the debilitating physical issues associated with this syndrome often leave people feeling confounded and mentally exhausted. To address these situations, there are several effective therapies that are non-invasive and do not require drugs. Some of them you can read about in this section include:

· Hypnosis

· Biofeedback

· Neurofeedback

· Relaxation Therapy

· Light therapy - used as both a psychological treatment and a physical treatment

· Meditative breathing

Get a Move On without Fibromyalia Pain

Getting moving is often a difficult thing for people with fibromyalgia. Sometimes the pain is so intense that just turning over in bed hurts too much. However, research shows (and we all know) that movement is essential to healing and to feeling better. Gaining strength in the muscles is necessary to keep them from atrophy and to give the fibromyalgia sufferer a sense of strength and control. There are ways to make exercise more palatable and easier to perform, while at the same time gain the strength and endurance that helps on the road to healing. Dance therapy is both fun and encourages flexibility and movement. Aerobics are good for the cardiovascular system, but people with fibromyalgia find this type of exercise almost impossible. As a way to get good cardiovascular training without the stress of land aerobics, water aerobics is a great alternative. Swimming keeps the body buoyant and allows you to move with less pain and move flexibility.

Discover how antioxidants and vitamins are used to encourage the body to fight back and learn about raw and elimination diets that have been proven to be effective. Natural pain relief can be found through including such substances as SAMe (naturally occurring in the body) and enzymes for digestion.

There are myriad alternative therapies to choose from, many of which are time-tested and respected worldwide as methods of healing for those with fibromyalgia.

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