Source of Foot Pain with FMS:  Metatarsalgia

Another source of foot pain that is often found in people with fibromyalgia is metatarsalgia, inflammation of the metatarsals of the foot.  It shows up as a burning, sharp or aching pain in the ball of the foot and can be felt in the area around the second, third and fourth toes, or only near the big toe. 

Other signs of this kind of pain include:

·         pain that worsens with walking, standing or running but gets better when resting

·         sharp or shooting pains in the toes

·         numbness or tingling in the toes

·         gets worse when feet are flexed

·         feet feel bruised

·         pain worsens when walking on hard surfaces barefoot

The pain can come suddenly upon an increase of impact movement like running or jumping.  However, it is likely to be a gradual increase of pain over time.

The What and Why of Metatarsalgia Foot Pain in FMS

The factors that cause metatarsalia are mostly related to the mechanics of the foot and the way weight is distributed in the body and ultimately onto the feet. 

Each foot has five metatarsal bones running from the arch of the foot to the toes.  The first is short and thick and the other four are about the same length and thinner. 

Whether walking, running, jumping or moving, the weight of the body is transferred to the toes and metatarsals during the push-off phase of the movement.  The first two metatarsals take the brunt of the punishment, usually about 275% of the body weight. 

Depending upon how the weight in the body is distributed, and how much weight there is, excessive pressure can be put onto those bones that lead to pain and inflammation in the bones and the tissues around them. 

Some of the same risk factors that exist for plantar fasciitis apply to metatarsalgia, along with a few others.  Certain foot shapes, bunions, hammertoes, stress fractures, a condition called Morton’s Neuroma along with aging are all factors in metatarsalia. 

Morton’s Neuroma Foot Pain in those with FMS

As with all pain in the body, pain in the feet becomes worse with fibromyalgia.  Although fibromyalgia may not be a direct cause of the symptoms of foot pain, it definitely a factor in the level of pain experienced.  Learn more about foot pain in our article about Morton’s Neuroma on this site.

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