Tips to Overcome FibroFog


Fibrofog is a term given to a number of cognitive problems individuals with fibromyalgia experience. Fibrofog affects both men and women, but women between the ages of 30 and 50 are more vulnerable to fibrofog. Some common cognitive problems fibromyalgia sufferers have include memory loss, problems concentrating, and difficulties learning new tasks. Often, these cognitive difficulties cause people with FMS to think that they may have Alzheimer's, but this is not the case. Since, people with Alzheimer's are not aware of their memory loss. To help you overcome fibrofog we've compiled a list of tips.


Use humor to cope. There is humor in forgetting. For example, you may be one of the few people that can reread a novel and be surprised read after read by how the story unfolds. Find the humor in fibrofog and learn to laugh at it. Having the ability to laugh at your little mishaps, like where you misplaced your tube of toothpaste, will help others accept your lapses as well. Remember, it's not Alzheimer's that you have, if you're aware of your forgetful ways.


Clean the clutter! Since people with FMS tend to forget where they placed their keys, purse and other belongings, the best thing for you to do is tidy your living space. Get rid of things you don't need. By doing this, it'll give you space to see everything and to make designated spots for each of your items.


Get Brain Food. Certain type of fish like mackerel, salmon, and herring contain high levels of Omega-3 or in other words brain food. Omega-3 is proven to increase mental performance and can also alleviate joint aches and pains. If you believe seafood belongs in the sea, you can always take Omega-3 supplement pills with your meals to get your needed intake of Omega-3.


Make a routine. Get into the habit of putting your easily misplaced items, like your keys or glasses, in the same place every time. Always  check that you put your car keys in your purse or pocket before leaving your car. When you get home, make sure you put your purse in its designated spot before doing anything else.


Write it down. If you find they you're easily overwhelmed with all the things to do during your daily routine. Then write it down. Use post-its or notepads to write down your groceries, appointments, and tasks. Get in the routine of reading your post-its every morning. If you're tech-savvy use a PDA. Palm pilots can help you organize your daily tasks and you can carry it everywhere you go. They're also easy to use.


Use a computer. If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, then use a computer reminder service to help you record and remember important tasks and dates. One useful computer program is "Say the Time".  This program will provide regular updates about the upcoming events, and will remind you what day it is, and time of the day each hour.


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