The Biggest NHS payouts in the last 10 years

Hospitals are supposed to heal. Unfortunately, many patients have recently had negative experiences, including lifelong disabilities. These patients and their families submit complaints about their experiences and many seek legal help. 

£12 million – the sum awarded to dancer Kerstin Park. Set to conquer the world of dancing and choreography, Kerstin now lives life in a wheelchair after staff failed to properly deal with complications when she was giving birth.

£5.6 million – paid to Alice Joyce after doctors wrongly allowed her mother to carry on with a normal childbirth. Alice suffers from cerebral palsy.

£5 million – the settlement accepted by Leslie Ash who contracted potentially deadly MRSA whilst in hospital. It has pretty much ended her acting career.

£4.5 million – damages given to Eva Michalek. A court found Eva’s former bosses guilty of victimisation after the former consultant had given birth to her child. £4.46 million – to Christina Malcolm after a second haemorrhage left her brain damaged and in need of daily care. A doctor had misdiagnosed the initial haemorrhage as a virus.

£3.6 million – to Elaine Silvester who was left partially paralysed after avoidable errors occurred during an operation.

£3.0 million – to Frazer Spackman. Former footballer Nigel Spackman son’s compensation was awarded after he was born brain-damaged due to hospital error. The effect of which was cerebral palsy and other injuries. £2.5 million – awarded to Tia Ruel who needs a lifetime of care. She suffers from cerebral palsy after being starved of oxygen during her birth.

£2.1 million – to Christopher Lines who lost a lot of the use of his legs and arms due to an overdose of the wrong medication. Christopher also receives a further £205,000 annual income to provide the care he needs.

Undisclosed amount – The out-of-court settlement Lydia Spilner’s family were awarded when 100-year-old Lydia was allowed to die of dehydration.

Those with fibro should be careful to fully research hospitals and suggested treatments. 


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