Garlic For Fibromyalgia

The smell of garlic on your breath can keep your spouse at arm's width or further, but maybe he should start eating the stuff too, if it can relieve your fibromyalgia inflammation, kill germs and make a mean Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, too. It's proven: there's overwhelming evidence that garlic can block the enzymes that bring on inflammation thus giving relief to those who suffer from ailments like arthritis and asthma.

Inflammatory Conditions

For many years, experts have known that a large number of pro-inflammatory cytokines (proteins excreted by cells in the immune system) are found in chronic fatigue syndrome patients. Until now, scientists weren't convinced that fibromyalgia patients experienced a similar inflammatory response, but new evidence has turned this idea on its head, lending credence to the theory that many of the conditions associated with fibromyalgia are of an inflammatory nature. But anti-inflammatory drugs can be hard on the liver and digestive tract, so it's important to find another way to fight off inflammation.

Garlic has been shown to not only relieve inflammation, but can eradicate the bugs that can bring on colds and flu, stomach viruses, yeast infections, tuberculosis, and botulism. The herb has also been demonstrated to reduce levels of the chemical that make your body friendly to certain viruses, such as HIV. Using garlic can therefore result in a lower viral load. Garlic is also known to promote good heart health and may also lower your risk profile for certain cancers.

Garlic Therapy

If you want to get the most out of your garlic therapy, choose fresh garlic over the powdered variety. If you don't have much experience in cooking with fresh garlic, surf the net for recipes that include this common ingredient. You can also find tips on how to select the freshest garlic and how to prepare it so as to obtain a wide variety of flavors in your cooking, from strong and pungent, to mellow and sweet.

If you're the earth mother type, nothing is easier to grow than garlic. Plant a few bulbs and see the difference in homegrown verses commercially-sold garlic.

Of course, some people just can't stand the flavor of garlic. Don't despair. You can still make good use of the stuff as an anti-inflammatory by taking garlic in supplemental form. Read the label to make sure you're purchasing the type that is odorless. Otherwise, you won't gain anything—you'll have the smell and taste of garlic about you all day long.

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