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working w/FM-HELP!!!
3 Replies
lupitareyes - September 10

Hello,I have been at a new job for 1 year and it is very stressful.Especially when I make mistakes.Should I give up and stay home. I make mistakes in my job sometimes and I never used to. The FibroFog is awfull.Is any one else dealing with this.If you dont work how will you get your medicines.I work as an Accountant and it is so stressful when you cant remember how to do something or if you did it.Im upset today because I made a mistake and they don't like mistakes here.They get upset.Should I look for another job?


lucky13 - September 13

If your that unhappy with your job, then looking for a new one could be an option.
Have you tried writing down everything, I couldn't live without post-it notes.
You could make a list of everything needing to be done, then check them off once completed, so you always know what needs to be done, and what is already done.
You could also start you a binder of notes that shows how to do different things you encounter on a daily basis, that way if your mind goes blank and forgets how to do something, you have something to refer back to.
I have to work, not working is not an option for me, so I have to get creative on how to keep Fibro from getting in the way too much.


Peterbolen - September 15

It is the FibroFog and the fatique that are the worst, as I take pain killers for the pain, I should think that being an accountant is very difficult when the fibrofog hits, its impossible to consentrate on any thing. At christmas when my husbands family came for a meal I just could not cook a meal, I could not consentrate on it, and nobody would come and help me, I was in tears.
Like lucky13 i have to write every thing down so I can remember what I am supposed to be doing and where I am supposed to be.


cazzie14 - September 22

hi there,
fibro fog is awful!!!!, i couldn't imagine working as an accountant with it. i only work in a shop part-time, i stuggle to remember things at the moment which is getting me down!!! i havn't told my employer about it yet although i have had it a while now. i usually work on the shop floor but hav been told i will hav to help out on the tills at busy times which i am absolutely dreading!!!! I know i am going to show myself up in front of customers and colleagues alike by not remembering things eventually, i feel like i cant cope with it!
ive struggled through work without people knowing, dont want people to know as i just feel stupid not being able to remember the easiest things. i know i'm not stupid but thats how it makes you look, do you feel the same. Do your employers know about your condition?



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