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What to do about work??? Please someone help me.
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[email protected] - January 10

I have been a Medical Claims Analyst for 7 years and have had FMS since Jan 2004. My hands, arms and back are giving out and I don't have anything else to fall back on. I am really scared because typing has been my career. I don't know what else to do, I have no college degree and have only myself to rely on. Does anyone have any ideas or a job that they can refer me to. I have been looking for the past 6 months and nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Ann-Marie - September 21


I had to give up my job as a disability adviser a couple of years ago becasue of all the typing involved - my neck and shoulder couldnt take it. I have been working as a support worker for disabled students ever since. However this is term time only and so not very financially secure. I have an interview in a couple of weeks for a part -time clerical job, but I know not everyone can afford to go part-time. I don't know if you are aware but there is a lot of software available for people with disabilities such as voice recognition software (to cut out the typing) and also ergonomic equipmnet such as hand held mice etc. and earpeices for telephones (so you are not cricking your neck). An employer may also be able to utitlise something called "access to work" which provides funding for equipment for people with disabilities. Good luck. I know how hard it is XX


tonyab1838 - September 22

Thanks Ann-Marie, I appreciate your advice. I am trying to get them to let me work from home, so I can take breaks when I need them. The problem with the office is co-workers complaining because I get up so often. I told them that they have no idea what it is like to have this terrible disorder. They don't care but I don't care what they say or think. Good luck to you also. Take care and God bless!


mona - November 6

i have fibro
i have a medical plan at work that would allow for disabilty
my docs wont sign the papers
they dont want me to quit work
says going to work is best
i am getting worse with the fibro
i am a secretary
my neck and back are so bad
and my dizziness
how to i tell the docs that i need to go on disability
i am not coping out
but i have to make them see i need to leave my job i hve been at for 13 years.


Ann-Marie - November 7

Hi Mona. I can fully empathise with you. I too am a Secretary by profession and my Fibro mainly affects my head and neck. I have been out of work for about a year but am hoping to return to part-time clerical work soon. Have you spoken to your employers about making alterations to your job. I guess you have done this already but is there some sort of assessment they could do or equipment you could get which would make the job easier? Maybe taking rest breaks would help. I know it is so hard sitting in front of a PC when your back is killing you. Do you have an occupation health specilaist at work (I'm UK by the way so dont know what the US equivalent is). I have to see Occ Health before I can start my new job. I will let you know if they come up with any useful suggestions which may help you too. Take care XX


Dom - January 6

Typing is also my job but I use voice activated typing software - it was tricky to set up but now I cannot work or surf without it.


coco - January 6

do you have insurance at work that will pay for disability


Jean - January 8

Hello Everyone: Has anyone gotten in touch with the ADA. Americans for Disability Act. They should be able to help although they did not help me. Tell them your situation and see what transpires.


Jean - January 10

Hi Tonya. Have you thought about Wal-Mart? Optical or pharmacy department. Wal-Mart takes on people with disabilities.


linda brown - October 22

to me it will be hard to do any kind of work, i am a nurse and my boss was willing to work with anyway she could like only working for 4 hrs a day and i couldn't even do that. i have applied for disability and am waiting for an answer now, i've had all kinds of doc tell me i can't work. good luck


splonsky - March 22

All the advice so far is great. I also want to suggest making sure your key board and mouse are ergonomic. There are mouses now that are actually kinda on thier sides and they are SOOOO good for your wrists!!! totally worth it even if you have to buy your own (about $40)



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