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What I do for pain
13 Replies
lacey - March 9

I'm new to this site. Just joined today actually.
I was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago with fibromyalgia, after going to a new doctor.

I have now been to see her 3 or 4 times, since initial visit. Every time I go I feel nervous and overwhelmed by it all. Even though I like this new doctor, after no help at all from previous doctors, I think that she is too good to be true and will vanish in thin air and I will be back to square one.

After talking it all over with her, we believe I have been suffering from this fibromyalgia for about 13yrs. I'm glad to have found out what it is and actually feel in a little less pain. Like a great load has been lifted. So I think, definately stress related.

Anyway in 13 years, here are a few things I discovered along the way.

A generic brand of naprison has helped me tremendously but only if I took 2 x 250mg tablets every night. Taken with a meal and a hot drink.

Because I also suffered from migraines, I would have to skip the anti-inflammatry tablets and take 4 x 300mg asprin with 10mg of codiene. Taken with a meal and a hot drink.

I am glad to say, all those migraines were food related and as I now eat none of it, my headaches have gone.

Morning is the worst time for me re: my back. As the day wears on, it tends to get easier to move and hurts less. I live in a 2 storey house and go up and down the stairs app 10 - 12 times a day. I try to walk on the treadmill and do at least 2Ks and that takes me about 30minutes to do. By then I am buggered. My son bought a rowing machine and I now do a few minutes on that as well. The one thing I have noticed is, the faster I walk on the treadmill, the less it hurts. I have no idea why.
But I will always try to do some sort of exercise or gardening so as not to become stiff and sore.

Because giving me any tablets for the pain, the one thing this doctor does is test every new patient she sees for vit D deficiency. I think it has actually helped with the pain and stiffness in my legs but, unfortunately it hasn't helped with any of the other pain.

I started on Cymbalta last week but could only manage 4 tablets as it started up my migraines again and I couldn't sleep, at all. I got 7 hours sleep in 4 days. lol, it must be what the truckies take to stay awake. Anyway, I will not be taking any more of them.

One thing I really must mention is, if I am stressed or am really worried about something my right arm will ache like there is no tomorrow, so for me stress really turns this on.

Anyway these are just a few things to share and sorry if it's a bit long. I feel for you all and I'm am also glad, along with everyone else on this site, that I am not alone.


oops I nearly forgot to mention. If you take the tablets I have mentioned above, please buy yourself a packet of Zantac tablets and take one no less than 2 hours before you take the others. This is most important, as it coats your tummy, so that you shouldn't get any pain from the tablets.
You can also try paracetamol with codeine, if you prefer. If you do get any pain, I've been told it's the codeine that causes it.

Thanks for reading.


January - March 10

Be thankful you didn't get hooked on the Cymbalta. It can cause so many bad side effects. It works well for some people, but others cannot tolerate it.

I appreciate postings like yours because I had a terrible time with it too - I took it for a while, gained a lot of weight, was headed for diabetes and felt absolutely horrible and zombified.

I know that if I ever have to go to a new doctor - they will just push Cymbalta on me again. It is the "in" drug. There are a lot of us who cannot handle it, so thank you for speaking up. I hope the drug companies read these forums and invent something else.

All the best to you!


lacey - March 10

Yeah I guess the doctor will try something else. Funny that because it was such a low dose and she had me tip 3/4 of it out. Oh well, I'm glad it didn't work.

There was an article on TV tonight about Manuka honey. Most ppl here have known for years how good it is, so I might buy a bottle and see if that helps.

I already have Diabetes but only diet controlled so far and I think my positive attitude has kept me from getting really bad with this. Until recently of course. A bit down in the dumps lately.
I find if I'm happy for some reason or just feel good, I don't ache as much and sometimes not at all.

If only I could stay that way.


fibrocurious - March 11


I'm new to the group, and don't my way around posting. I have been suffering extreme pain since Nov. Three of my grandkids were visiting and I assumed that my muscle aches were caused by me playing like a kid, with very active 4,7and 9 year olds. I was exhausted the day they left, but my spine felt like someone had whacked each vertabra with a ball-peen hammer. In the next few days the pain moved into all of my joints, and my bones ached and felt like they were on fire. My GP who knows me as a person who survived a stage IV extremely rare cancer (11 years clear ), as well as acute chronic digestive disorders, perhaps due to the cancer related surgery.
Then I found myself sitting in the waiting room, aching all over with no idea what my body was doing. I doubted that the cancer had returned all over my body to finally do me in. I'm an optimist and never listened to anyone who thought I didn't have a hope to live after my cancer dx. I am still here and am awaiting the birth of my 6th grandchild. Now I need to figure out what to do about the fibro dx. So, here I am asking for help. I'm on nortriptyline and temazepam to help me sleep through my nightly pain filled agony. I can barely turn from my back to my side. I take oxycodone every six hours for pain, and xanax twice a day for stress. My hands and arms fall asleep every night, and my knees shriek in pain when I try to get out of bed. Then my poor feet ache as I hobble about to see if my little dog needs to go outside.
I have a tens/ems unit that I have no clue how to use. I bought it hoping it might help with the pain.

Does anyone have any answers or advice?

I also need to learn my way around the group. I don't know how to post a new question.
Thank you, fibrocurious


lacey - March 11

Hi fibrocurious,

click this Fibromyalgia_Support_Groups/ in the heading

and at the top you will see, 'Make new Thread' click it and then start your own questions.

I started one about what I do for pain but, you sound like your in a lot more pain than I am. Have a read what other ppl have written.

I might be half a world away from you but, I guess we're all here together for a reason.



lacey - March 11

I forgot to say, keep your positive attitude. When I let my guard down last year, I got worse.



January - March 11

Lacey - don't know if you have researched gluten free diet. I never stayed on a diet in my life. However, I was so ill, I tried this to save myself - the result was-- I lived, and it really helped with fibro pain AND cured my depression. The other benefit was my blood sugar levels dropped to below 90, and all blood work normalized. (And I used to get migraines also.)

I am now free of any desire to eat bread or cake - I look at it and see pain. It took a year for me to really notice a difference. Then, I tried eating a hot dog on a bun, and I paid with horrible pain for months. It's a tricky diet and you have to learn the hidden sources of gluten - it's in just about everything processed. However, it is basically just a normal, healthy diet with fresh food.

fibrocurious - when I read your post and you mentioned digestive issues, I wondered if you have tried going gluten free, or been checked for food allergies?


lacey - March 13

Funny you saying that January, I was diagnosed with celiac desease when I was about 7 or 8. I seemed to grow out of it by the late teens, or did I really ever have it in the first place?

Just Another question to shoot at my doctor. I reckon I can keep her busy for quite a while.

One thing I saw in the list of symptoms is, forgetting things. I know I do this but never knew why. Since reading that, i have been noticing just how often I keep saying to anyone, I can't remember. And this really has me worried.

And now tomorrow I will be cripple again. I forgot to take my tablets at teatime.


January - March 14

Hi Lacey - you don't say how you were diagnosed with celiac, but my understanding is it is genetic, and if you have it, you have it forever. It may be "silent" but if you have celiac and are eating gluten it is slowly killing off cells in your small intestine. The idiotic thing is most doctors think the only symptom is the GI upset seen in children -- lots of people have a more silent auto-immune form of celiac that makes you very, very sick in a variety of ways when you get older. One of the many end results of this process is dementia (sorry to say) - because the brain is not getting the nutrients it needs.

The GOOD NEWS is if you go strictly gluten free, the intestine can usually still heal itself. If it were me, I'd get on the gluten free right away, never mind what the dr. says ( a lot of them know nothing about celiac anyway; do it, and see how you FEEL in a year) - and make sure you take lots of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements. I have done a remarkable turn around since I went gluten free. People keep telling me they can see a difference.

An excellent book is Dangerous Grains by James S. Braly, MD. (It might be Braley, I've posted about it before…in the back he has about 5 pages of disease linked with gluten and celiac.)

I still hurt, get fatigued and forget things (duh) - but I am SO much better than before! It took me a year of strict gluten free before I noticed decrease in my pain and depression.


lacey - March 16

Hi January, I was going to ask my new doctor about it but, I forgot. Seems to be the "in" thing re: fibro. And I always thought everyone forgot.

Yes my sister is trying a gluten free diet and has found it's settled her stomach and I do still seem to get stomach problems.

owell, I'm off again to look it up. gee it was so hard to stick to that diet when I was a kid.

owell, thanks for that. I'll go do some reading on celiac.

Take care


January - March 16

Lacey, I think I forgot to mention that diabetes is one of the disease that is linked with celiac. In fact it runs in celiac families.

My gluten free diet put my blood sugar levels below 90, and I eat all the sugar I want.


lacey - March 18

oh! no one ever told me that. Lousy damn doctors. I think most of them need to go back to school.

So can they tell by just a blood test if you have celiac desease?

Another thing I shall have to ask my doctor to test me for. Not that I really want it. I've got enough to worry about now, lol.

ever since I read about fibrofog, I keep noticing that I can't remember what I was going to say/ or think of a particular word and it's starting to drive me nuts. Hubby said he hasn't noticed any difference but then if I've had this for 12 years or so, maybe I've had the fog for that long.


January - March 18

Hi Lacey -- as long as you are still eating lots of gluten - i.e. processed foods and bread, cake, etc. the antibody test has a better chance of working. You can get this as a blood test for celiac disease. Mine came out negative because I had been gluten free for a couple years. There is also a genetic test you can get. Celiac has a high occurrence in people of Northern European heritage - Scandinavian, German, Irish, British, etc. But it can occur in ANYONE because anyone could have those genes in them.

Go to and search the info there for testing. Testing is complicated and results not always correct. I think the best way to find out is to go gluten free for at least a year. Believe me, if you are celiac, you will see an enormous difference in how your body functions! You will also get over your craving for bread and cakes. It's an addiction.

You need to do your own research and print it out because most doctors don't know anything about celiac and gluten intolerance. They think it is a GI disease of bloating and diarrhea. And for years, they were taught it didn't happen in America. (not sure where you are)

LOTS of people have celiac or gluten intolerance - without the GI symptoms. 97% of us go undiagnosed and then we get sick and die because we've gone decades unable to properly absorb nutrients. This leads to a lot of different diseases. I recommend the book Dangerous Grains by James S. Braly MD.

I read an article about a man with chronic pain who went 30 years bouncing around doctors until finally he found someone who suggested he was celiac. Gluten free diet cured him of his pain. I read that and decided I would try it. It took a while to learn it, but it helped a lot. But I have not run into any MDs or DOs who really understand much about this disease.

I don't see much point in bothering with a bunch of "iffy" tests and ignorant doctors - just try the diet and give it a year or two. It's a very healthy diet - sure can't hurt you and it just might change your life. It cured my depression, and really helped the fibro pain and other symptoms. But it's up to you to do the work.

Hope you try and good luck to you!


lacey - March 20

Thanks. I will ring and ask my sister, as she is on a diet of sorts. So if I get some info off her, she's done all the work and I can just try it, lol.

I'm in Australia and yes I have been told over and over I am not celiac because I'm not skinny enough.
still these are the same doctors i have been going to for 17 years and they have never diagnosed fibro.

I've got to do me some more reading on fibrofog. all these years I just thought everyone forgot things.




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