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8 Replies
firomama - May 7

I know its the craziest thing to be posting here on this site but im 2 mos along! ironically, my fibro has calmed down for the min. my fibro fog is horrible though, lol! about a month ago i posted on here somewhere that my thyriod cancer had come back and that i had alot of herniations in my spine. well, the new nodule is still there but not believed to be cancerous. we will watch it though, my spine, yeah, 70% or so is herniated. small herniations but hern. all the same, i have the begin stages of deg.disc.dis. so that will be tough w/ preg. and even thugh we weren't trying, here we are PREG! and elated!


tnichel - May 7

Congrats! I just found out another friend of mine is preggers! It must be the the week for I'm so happy the thyroid nodule is nothing to worry about, just to watch. And I hope you continue to find relief from fibro throughout your pregnancy. And I pray it's a healthy one for you and baby, oh and dad too. lol. Great news. Babies make me happy! lol. Is this your first? Keep us posted.


Fantod - May 7

Congratulations! I hope that you have an easy pregnancy and that fibromyalgia becomes a distant memory. Keep in touch!


firomama - May 7

Thank you sooo much! not everyone is expressing joy...due to my health. my father actually told me to get an abortion. so i really app. the support! this 3rd bb. we have 2 kids and an angel bb from feb 2010. yep, just got over a miscarriage. someone was persistent! LOL!our EDD is 12-18 by my lmp but my measurements have my edd at 12-24! we shall see. my OB still wants me to take my norco and lexapro but my somas and savella's had to be stopped. but the bb's heart was 135 bpm. which is supposed to be good..(?) OOHH sorry so long! goodnight! thx again


ptalana - May 7

Wow, congratulations!!!!! I wish you a joyful, healthful, and uncomplicated pregnancy. I can't think of anything as beautiful and hopeful as the birth of a new baby.
I'm so happy to hear that the new nodule is not cancerous, more great news!!!
I'm so sorry that your news hasn't been received as positively as you had hoped. I'm sure that your dad's concern is based on his love and concern for your health. I'm sure in time he will be as enthusiastic with the new addition to your family as you are.
How are you feeling? Any morning sickness yet? I know with all four of my pregnancies I was plagued with this. But I must say there is nothing as wonderful as feeling the baby kick and move around. What an absolute miracle bringing a new child into the world is. Please keep us updated on how you're feeling, and progressing.
Sending you and your family much love, Patty:)


firomama - May 8

Ahhh. tears, thankyou all soooo much! im in a pretty permeant state of elatement. yes, all day sickness does suck but otherwise i LOVE my symptoms. when we had our MC in feb, my breast pain was the first to go, so i love my little "urks". lets me know my hormones are great and my little bean is ok. i asked my 3 yr old what she would do when mommies belly got big and she said she would "kiss the bb". i literally started to cry. it was so sweet! my 13yr old whose bi-polar is excited too. thats really awesome. and my husb - over the moon n'love with me. its great. these are the times that no matter whats wrong in life, you know your blessed! im blessed!

Happy Mommy's Day to ALL! :)


Ena - May 9

Could any one tell me that if i can be mama
and that will be safty for the baby and me plz?


lucky13 - May 11

Congrats on the pregnancy. With my last pregnancy I was really lucky, my Fibro took a break until the 3rd tri, then it came back full force, but that 5 or 6 month break was wonderful.
I'm preggers again (due Nov 4th) and hopping to be as lucky. So far no flares just mild fibro pain.
Good luck, oh and for pregnancy stuff there are some good forums at, I even started a Fibro mommy team (I'm the only member though as of now)


tnichel - May 12

Ena, research shows most women with fms find their symptoms diappear during pregnance. FMS in itself is not harmful to the baby but your meds may need to be adjusted or changed. Other health conditions could determine your risk but from all the research I've seen fms doesn't pose problems with getting pregnant. There's a really long post on fibro and pregancy in this section. Look for that thread.



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