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weakness in legs & tightness/burning pain calves
4 Replies
dsm8122 - March 14

Hi, I have read that weakness is a sympton but what kind? My legs will get weak off & on. It feels like it does when you have the flu or bad cold and you feel weak but mine is usually in my legs. It doesn't affect my ability to move or exercise but i do get pain in my legs when climbing the stairs. Also have a lot of tightness in my calves and can feel burning type pain when i am exercising or if i am walking for long. Anybody else have this?


Duo - March 14

I know what you mean but mostly my feeling of weakness can be best described as as if someone has pulled a plug from my body and my energy drains away - I feel so weak and exhaused it can bring on panic attacks and it is a struggle to even get out of the chair to go and lie down. Unfortunately I can't exercise now but I do often get cramps in my calves (as well as lots of other parts of the body). Definitely is a symptom so do take care - its good that you can still do some form of exercise but maybe try something more gentle on the muscles. Good luck


dsm8122 - March 15

Did you symptons start out this bad or did they just get progressively worse over time? Someone recommended malic acid to me as a supplement to use for the leg pain. You may want to check with your dr on that. I checked with mine and he didn't recommend it because he has seen no research on it for fibro pain. Thanks for your input!


Fantod - March 15

people with Fibromyalgia (FMS) typically have tight muscles and tendons. Take a look at "associated conditions" on the lefthand side of this page.

With regards to cramping and twitching try Malic Acid (tablet). You can find it at any decent health food store. I take about 825 mg a day. make sure that you understand any risks and how to use this homeopathic remedy. Take care.

Take care.


gardengal - March 18

I totally understand, I have a very physical job, and most days my legs feel as if they have turned to stone. If I sit for more than 15 min. I can hardly bear weight on them. But here is a good tip. Get an exercise ball, roll around on it, sit and bounce on it, use it to gently stretch whatever hurts. It will improve your balance, and any unsteadiness. My physical therapist recommended it, and it helps a lot, along with myofacial massage.



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