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Vision Problems
8 Replies
Cowmom - September 22

Has anyone experienced loss of vision?


berly3 - June 10

I'm currently going on 2 eye centers and my 3rd will be at the end of June to the Doheny Eye Inst. for extreme blurred vision, feeling like im loosing my vision. The 2 eye centers could not help me. The first just kept treating me for dry eyes from changing my perscription, putting plugs in my tear ducts to giving me every sample of drops they had. Still no cure for my blurred vision. Which at times is so extreme I can't see. The 2nd one a surgical specialist felt that it could be related to my Fibro. He referred me to the Doheny Eye Inst. to see a Neurolopthomologist. After my appointment i'll post wth the results they find. I would like to also add some of the other symptoms im having besides blurriness...dry eyes, extreme light sensitivity, actual pain (feeling of swollenness), headaches and seeing in dimensions (seeing as if objects are outlined with intensity). If you have any other symptoms please post and any success with restoring your vision condition. Thank You, berly3


chris - June 12

Hi cowmom, I've got the blurred vision, light sensitivity,Dry eyes and headaches too, but no succsess as to what causes it.


Amy - July 7

My husband experiences periods of blurry vision and loss of peripheral vision. The eye docs say there is nothing wrong with the structure of his eyes. He also gets extemely sensitive to light.


Joe - July 18

Answer: Yes I have had extremely poor vision in both eyes and my eyes are very sensitive to light and also I need to use drops because they are so dry. My ophamolgist said that he has several patients with Fibro that have the same symptoms.


Genice - August 30

TO JOE: Did your doc say whatb if anything can be done I have blurred vision dry eyes and at times can't make out anything. so did he recommened any cure.
Thanks and good luck with yours


R.S.Hagen - September 6

I have been having problems with my vision for a long time, but never associated it with my fibro, I am a book worm and read for hours at a time. But there was a spell when I had what are called aura migranes, anything from flourescent colored paper to bright light would trigger it, I thought it was my age 42 then, I started to experience dry eyes, my GP told my there is a thing called dry eye syndrome, and when that happens your eye's defense can build up fluid under the lens (kind of like a blister from a burn) and cause vision problems, I was having a terrible time them with my glasses perscription, I saw a specialist and he said that my eyes are healthy and that this can be tricky migraines (aura) and if the lights get too involved not to drive, because it can temperarily block your vision. Aura migraines are like having welders flash flying in from the side of your visual field, and it can encompass your whole field, similar to snow blindness. So it most likely is the fibro because mine has not gotten better even with drops, I also take 3-6-9 essential fatty acids, they are very good for dry eye syndrome, Check it out on a natural remedies site. I have some relief when I faithfully take them, but my hormones are complicating the problem. This problem comes in spells and thankfully has been behaving itself lately.


MB - September 14

I have several 5 or 6 floaters in right eye, that just started one day. I also have very jumpy vision (there is a name for that but I cannot think of it) I feel as though even when I close my eyes, even in a dark room I can see light, little circles of light and the floaters too. I have had a eye exam and they said that everything looked normal. My eyes a very sensitive to bright light. Looking at white paper at work is usually hard. Sometimes I feel my vision is a little blurry and difficult to focus.


Anne Hillebrand - September 22

Your eye docs are correct - there is nothing wrong with the structure of your eyes.

Does it feel as if you could see better if you could just look a little harder?

Like you are having to look at the world through Saran Wrap?

The clear fluid our eyes roll around in is part of the clear fluids (lymph) system in our bodies.

In FMS, that clear fluid is too thick - that keeps it from reaching our eyes.

Getting the clear fluids to the right viscosity is crucial.

My eyes also did not sparkle.

Anne at FibroFix



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