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belle1329 - May 15

Does anyone else experience vertigo(correct spelling?) I woke this morning about 5 as I usually do (usually the last of the five times I wake during the night) and I tossed and turned over, and so did the room, acouple of the times i turned over, I fell back to sleep for a bit and the same thing happened when my alarm went off about a half hour later. I felt tired and weak and was afraid to get up, (and hotflash) went to the bathroom and went to get up and wooshhhh again! My ear hurts a bit and some sinus seem congestion. I hope Im not coming down with anything but hate the thought of having vertigo!


axxie - May 18


vertigo, dizziness, spinning sensation, poor balance, disorientation, nausea/vomiting, headaches, sensitivity to bright lights/noise
poor tolerance of crowds, and motion sensitivity.

What causes vertigo (vestibular disorder)

head trauma such as car accidents, falls, impact, sports, ear infections (neuritis, labyrinthitis), aging, illness or disease, certain medications, stroke and or brain injury.

It all has to do with the inner ear and the brain that helps control balance with the eye movements, many people complain of this at one time or another, it's not unusual.

Seek an inner ear/nose/throat physician, who will help in repositioning (epley's maneuver) for BPPV (benigh paroxysmal positional vertigo), a condition where crystals are caught in the inner ear canals.

If this is not the problem then I would suggest you seek a physiotherepist that specializes in vestibibular rehabilitarion.

I personally have both, my gp was able to help me with the crystals and then was sent to the physiotherepist because it was the start of my fibro and we simply did not know about it at that time.

Good luck, and do seek help, it's not fun when these things happen.



belle1329 - May 20

Thanks again for the info axxie, I will check into it :-)


KopkaSunset - July 2

Hi Belle1329, I started spinning Oct/08 and have had 2 hearing tests (both within the normal range) 2 MRI's -1 with contrast & 1 without - (no signs of MS, strokes or tumors) an ENG test (normal results) and a Neurological examination (normal results). I was just diagnosed with FM by my Rheumatologist .

I was told that the vertigo, tinnitus, poor balance, and unsteady gait is all part and parcel of FMS that some experience.

Hope this info helps.

All the best,
~ stayin outta trouble since Oct/08 ~


Fantod - July 3

I have periodic spells of vertigo too. Fortunately they don't last long and are infrequent. Had a couple episodes while showering and had to install a grab handle so I wouldn't fall and crack my noggin on the tub. The tub would probably break before my head did...
Take care.


fortkr - July 6

I am so glad to know that I am not the only one that is experiencing vertigo with their Fibro. I've been battling this wacky case of Fibro for 5 years. I'm 36 and I thought it was getting better (well...I've learned to adjust and work with it) but I am having major dizzy spells more often and now my migraines in my eyes along with the numbness and & tingling down my right side of my face is really rough. I'm use to the pain, stiffness, and fatigue. I've learned to rest often and when I feel good I go until I just cannot go anymore:). I make the most out of every minute. However, I've had balance problems and even issues with swelling and severe water retention but never these dizzy spells, migraines that are mainly focused in my eyes and chronic, and the numbness and tingling down my face. Usually it's in my arms and legs. So to know this is happening to others is in a weird way kind of comforting.


FibroGal - July 6

I always have a woozy or dizzy sensation. Im never without it. Stinks on ice. My balance is lousy. It affects my gait. I can't balance myself on one leg for more than a few seconds.


belle1329 - July 17

Hi thanks to everyone all for the info.
KopkaSunsdet, did your Dr recommend the MRI's to rule out the MS and heart etc. I wondered how you can find that out. I dont believe anyone has ruled that out for me.


solanadelfina - July 21

Definitely, that's been one of my most annoying symptoms. I had an MRI and EEG done. During the latter, I was supposed to hyperventilate and got the symptoms. The neurologist clapped his hands, problem solved! Um, no, not quite.

I take periods to go lie down, and adding more salt to my diet has helped more than anything. I also eat every few hours to keep my blood sugar up. Even so, there are still days I need to grab onto something for walking, and am looking forward to getting my swordcane as a birthday present.


Nimu - July 23

This is very intresting. There are things that have seemed in the past to be 'normal' and have thought nothing of them. I can be standing on very level ground and lose my balance. I have always thought that it waa just an equlibrium problem but alas! Has any had a full remission of FMS?


enncync - August 12

I experience Vertigo. It's NO FUN! It just started a few weeks ago and lasted for about a week off and on. However, this past weekend, I experienced it again. I've tried to journal the times I feel it. It tends to come around when I don't keep up with my Allegra medication for my allergies. If you haven't had an allergy test, I'd do so. Allergies affect your body in so many different ways. I went to the doctor when the Vertigo first started and hadn't stopped after about 5 days. He said that it was more than likely, an inner-ear disturbance. Inner-ear, sinuses, allergies, I got to thinking and started to pay closer attention to how the symptoms were relating. Staying on track with Allegra seems to make it better for me. Good luck.



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