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toughest month of my life
6 Replies
Brianne - September 7

Hello, I am new to Fibro as well. My doctor has diagnosed me the last two months, and I am just finishing a month of sick leave from work.

I am curious to know how people cope with fibro while working? I always worked full-time and am having to go back only part-time very soon. I would really love to work full-time again, but i find that very hard to imagine until i can find the best treatment options for me and get my symptoms under control. I am so scared I may eventually wind up on disability!

It's been a tough month. I had heartburn, nausea, pain all over, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, and have had to deal with a husband trying to cope with this new diagnosis in our lives. Working part-time will mean I may lose my car or we'll have to sell our house. Tough stuff when you are dealing with a new illness and just want to feel physically better!

At 30,I am very hopeful that I can return to full-time work. Any success stories out there??! I do yoga, walk, swim, stretch all the time, eat well, go to massage, physio, haven't tried counselling, but may do so soon.

What about becomming pregnant? In the next few years I would like to have a baby. How is pregnancy with Fibro?

I've also just started taking Lyrica, and like many things am pessimistic about it. I'm concerned about all the side effects. My doc started me on 25mg, has it helped anyone??

Thanks for reading, and God Bless



New Friend - September 9

Hi there. I am sorry you have to deal with this. I have to as well, so maybe if I can answer some of your questions it will help. (BTW...I'm Fran)

Lyrica...I started..2 years ago an a low dose as well. I am up to the highest now. (150mg 3 x a day) Please do not make the same mistake I did and lay around and feel sorry for yourself. It has only been, ironically, since mine is at it's all time worst for me, that I have decided not to let this beat me. ( I took Cancer by the horns last year, darn it, I can do this too!)
I HAVE to work full time and my career is very demanding and I am on my feet 8 hours a day. I have to push my self. (I used to cry and wonder what was wrong because I was scared since I had no diagnosis then...not that I know, I'm like Darn it..I'm movin on).
There is a book 'FMS for Dummies'. YOU MUST have your husband, friends, family...your boss...ha..I this. If they can't 'see' your pain then it does not exist. I hate it when people think it's all in your head.
Worried about going on disability. ME TOO. I have been with the same company since I was 17. I am now 42. Thank the Lord I have good benefits. FMS is very costly to go through and will continue to increase as your meds do. ( I am on Lyrica, *Cymbalta, *Opana Er, Percocet and Kolopin.)
*Cymbalta...yes it is a anti depressant, but also used for other things. But inconjuction with Lyrica, it is supposed to be the best combo for FMS. *Opana is a time released Opniod that does lower my pain a 'little', but that's better that nothing at all.
However, after my insurance kicks in I am still over 300 dollars a month out of pocket. GRR!

You should google as much as you can about the meds, mine yours, any of them for FMS.

The Lyrica was the evil one to me!:) I gained a boat load of weight. I was 140 at 5'6" and now I am 200lbs! Yuck!!!! I know the weight gain reaks havoc on my feet and knees, and like I said before it has only been a short while since I decided to 'move on'. The weight I will tackle!! I just have to.

As far as having a baby...that is out of my league. I can only say to try to find wonen on here who have had children while dealing with FMS.

Okay, I have written enough. Feel free to write back. (This forum is's not like an emial, so I am learning to utilize it. Though, as I've said, just reading and communicating on here has helped me.) I know I am not alone, and really, that's the best part. SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS!!
Take care and God Bless,


mm30 - September 9

hi brianne, i am really sorry you have to deal with this too. without going into the ins and outs my experience so far with fibro alot of your worries are similar to mine.
I am trying to sell my home due to a harrasing neighbor. i live at my mothers and my partner still lives in the house. i was working part time but due to recessional cut backs i have been layed off. (funny, i was worried about being able to cope with work and fibro and now i wish i had to chance to find out)
my partner and i had plans to get engaged this year, marriage to follow and absalutely have children. the one thing i have always been sure of in life is that i want to be a mother.
then in six months my whole life has been lifted up and turned on its head.
i worry about my partner and how he is coping with the stress and does he still want to sign up for this....
at the start of moving out of my home i was VERY anxious and extremely paranoid. i would completely crumble at any form of stress.
after seeking out councilling ( luckily i found a vuluntary organisation) i have managed to calm myself down and let some things that i cant worry about go over my head. dont get my wrong i still worry about things and have some seriously low days but im starting to get some good days in there too and that is a mile stone for me. The woman i meet with has taught me some great breathing exercises and she also gets me to right down my worries when im feeling anxious and read them back to myself. when i do some of them are really silly and some of them i realise worrying wont make them anybetter so i try to let the lie for now.

as for fertility issues, well what i have told myself is that its only a problem for you if you are having hormonal trouble or experiencing problems directed at that part of your annatomy due to fibro. Fibro covers such a vast amount of problems in every area of our bodies but just because one person may have trouble concieving does not mean that you will.
Also try to bear in mind that the stress of worrying about these issues will not help you.
when i was first diagnosed i was so worked up over it that my periods went absalutley haywire. thankfully they have calmed down.

as for your husband i'm sure that your worrying about him is probably making him even more worried about you. try and talk dont ever try to deal with this on your own. you would want the same from him right?
try and take one day at a time keep up your walks and excercise (you sound very healthy) and please god if you can manage to minumise the stress in your life you might find yourself feeling more energised and ready for a few more hours at work.
now i must go and take some of my own advise :O)

I hope this comes across as i intend i have a habit of going off on a tangent.
keep in touch this forum has saved my mind.
ill be thinking of you


deadgamegrrl - September 10

Hi Brianne,
I'm new to fibro like you and of course that means new & wonderful symptoms keep emerging on a pretty much daily basis :-). I was (am) in the process of building a new busines and career as a personal trainer when I was diagnosed. So far I am hanging in there and still working even tho it often takes everything out of me just to get to the gym or a clients. Once I get there I'm usually ok because I love my clients! Since I'm self employed I can pace myself better than many people that work for someone else (of course it also means I have crapy insurance!)
I would say to keep on doing what you are doing in regards to the exercise and good diet. I've got to believe that from a physiological standpoint, holding on to as much muscle strength, conditioning and mass as you can will help in the long run by reducing the chance of developing other disorders/diseases due to lack of joint motion etc. I tell myself this every day to get myself up! Try to reduce stress as much as possible, maybe by learning mindfulness meditation (its really helped me and I just started). If you can possibly phase back in to work part time at first and then slowly up your hours it would probably be the best thing.
Good luck, I'm rooting for you!


Brianne - September 11

thank you soo much for all your replies and support! I feel very lucky to have found this support forum. All of your advice has helped me so much. I've been feeling great the last 3 or four days, however I ended up having some chinese food last night and my gawd, I'm back to sqaure one! I had no idea certain foods could wreak havoc on my system. Never again!

this is such a learning experience, but I am back to work next week and am hoping I can cope with the stress of returning and work through everything part-time for now.

Thanks again for your kind words :) Good luck and God Bless! Stay Strong!


Stacey373 - September 11

Hi Briane - I also want to suggest reading some of these posts to your husband. (family and friends too!)

After I was diagnosed with Fibro, me and my family sort of "ignored" it. I think everyone thought if we don't talk about it, it will go away. I put myself through ALOT of physical and emotional problems NOT dealing with this illness the right way.

I ended up having a minor "breakdown" a couple of months or so ago. That's when I found this website and forum. I spent an entire week reading the posts and crying the entire time. But then when my kids and husband would come home, I would put on my "happy face" and pretend like everything was okay.
There were several posts at that time that were all about people thinking you are just being lazy and how it's all in your head and there was one titled "A letter to normal people" or something like that....I suggest looking that one up and reading it.

I eventually started reading these posts to my husband one day. he is laid off from work and is now going to college and so he was home all day with me a couple days a week. I actually didn't plan on reading these to him...I had gotten on here and then I suddenly started reading some of it to him and broke down crying. After that, I kept reading him more and more.

It was the first time he honestly understood what I was going through. he even admitted to me that he thought I was just being lazy sometimes even knowing I had this illness because he didn't completely understand what all went along with this.

That was a HUGE turning point in my life. I finally was dealing with this illness and I started openly talking about it to my friends and family. Nobody had any idea how hard this illness could be physically AND emotionally until I told them what I had been going through. Now my husband is extremely supportive and understands when I say I just can't cook dinner tonight.

And the truth is....I actually feel SO much better now! I have felt better in the last couple of months than I have in YEARS. I have to say a positive attitude can truly go a long way!

Anyways....I hope what I've said helps you a little. Take Care, Stacey :o)


mm30 - September 11

hi brianne, so glad these comments from us has helped you i have checked back a few times to see if you were feeling any better. you have been on my mind. we are all in here.
everybody in here really do care and understand and i think its a great outlet because no matter how much your family and friends love you, sometimes it takes one to know one.

mind yourself,




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