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Tongue Problems
4 Replies
farmgirl - June 29

I haven't been formally diagnosed with fibro but it's been suggested to me as I seem to show many of the symptoms such as muscle twitching and weakness. The problem I have been the most frustrated with and have hit a wall with doctors is with my tongue. Sometimes it gets hugely swollen (so much so that I actually have grooves in the side of it where it presses against my teeth). It becomes difficult to manipulate it to make sure I am speaking clearly. It will feel tired too sometimes after I eat or have a long conversation. Has anyone ever had these problems? I'm in a state of panic because these are also symptoms of another disease that I don't even want to think about.


oktoberlady - November 23

I'm afraid I've never heard of a tounge swelling as a FM symptom. Do you have any pain in your joints? Have you been tested to MS? They're very similar. But there's no pain with MS, just fatigue and weakness. Hope this helps.


Auvonto - November 23

my father has MS and is in constant pain. i have had it where my tongue would have the grooves from my teeth on them i didnt think about it being swollen but i guess it is. I recently talked about the problem I have with feeling tired after eating. i have to let me dr know about that. I hope you find out soon what is ailing you. take care


lucky13 - February 4

The grooves in my tongue are normal for me and is like that all the time(no swelling here). I also have problems with slurred speech if I get tired or I'm having a bad flare, I have to really think about it so I speak clearly. I have TMJ issues so if I have something in my mouth and try to talk or laugh my jaw and sometimes under my toungue will hurt badly.

I am not sure what would cause the tongue swelling though.
Good luck


AnnHurts - February 6

I am always biting my tongue. I grind my teeth at night and end up bleeding or having sores on my tongue. It feels swollen at times as well. I also get burning tongue syndrome. Sometimes any liquid will make my tongue burn bad.

So, I understand and sympothize. Huggles



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