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This is my first time here i need help!!
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bamafan - February 8

Hey everyone, i have had fibro. for about 5 years now, but i have never had whats going on now. I wear pants with elastic in the waist, about a week ago i noticed a spot on the right side of my hip area was sore. It kept getting worse and spread to a good size area on the right side of my waist and down the right side of my buttocks. I cant touch it without pain, it stings, burns, and i cannot wear any pants or undies!! Im taking Zanaflex i have used a heating pad, warm bathes, aspircream, tigerbalm and nothing has worked!!! Is there anyone out there that can help me, PLEASE I AM IN PAIN my Dr. cant see me until late March.


belle1329 - February 8

I would call my Dr back and demand he see me if it is hurting and spreading that fast. If he cant see You Id go to the ER


belle1329 - February 8

PS is this the visible sore that is spreading or the pain or both?


bamafan - February 8

There is nothing there at all it is just the skin is so sore and it stings, it started when the elastic in my pants were a little tight. In one little area at my waist, then it spread and has not gone any further. But there are no visible signs of any breaking out or anything!!


bamafan - February 8

There no visible signs of any breaking out it is just the skin, there is so much pain when i touch it stings and burns i cant wear pants and the robe im wearing i cant stand for it to hardly touch my skin. This just all started when the elastic in my pants were a little to tight????


Fantod - February 9

I agree with belle1329 - Demand to be seen by your doctor or go to Emergency right away. Whatever this is, can not wait. Take care.


ptalana - February 9

Hi bamafan, and welcome, I have to agree with what the others have said. Please call your doctor asap and make sure that they understand the severity of your pain. You could also ask to be put on cancellation list, if not an option go to the er.
Are you seeing a rheumatologist for your fibro? If not this would be imperative in your treatment and I would strongly recommend this. Also was wondering what meds if any are you taking for your fibro?
I hope you can get some help with your pain sooner rather than later. There are many conditions that are related to Fms this could very well be one of those. I would suggest that you read up on these, blue boxes on left side of your screen. These boxes contain a wealth of information.
I wish you well, and send you gentle hugs, Patty.


bamafan - February 9

Hi Patty, No im not seeing rheumotologist im seeing a neurogologist, i was having horrable migranes like non stop about 6 years ago. I had been having pain all over but kinda of ignored it but then it got so bad my arms wouldnt even hold out to wash dishes. My body ached all over i went back to her she did the tender point test and said i had fibro. I feel it every time the weather changes, when i overdo things and when im stressed. So i dont know what else it could be? I wonder if i need to see a rheumotlogist instead.


bamafan - February 12

I went to my family Dr. and the problem i have been having is my peripheal nerve in the very top part of my leg. That is causing all the pain and the stinging and bruning in my skin. He gave me Lyrica and some pain patches, im hoping that will help. Thanks to all of you who tried to help me!!



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