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This illness is impossible
38 Replies
skycladfaerielady - November 30

My insurance is paying a little over $1100.00 a month right now. Seems like the drug companies could make them affordable for everybody, NOT just people with insurance! :( Getting ready to go shopping today, so I will be down the rest of the week. Sometimes it is worth it & other times not...


edwinsmoz - November 30

Wow that's big $$ skyclad. Next time you are at the doctor, see if you can get some Tramadol. It is good for those times when you over do it. It takes about 5 pills for me to get anything out of it but it helps a lot. Have fun shopping.


skycladfaerielady - November 30

I have had Tramadol in the past. Makes me edgy & irritable. I have such reactions to a lot of meds.


Pikespeak - December 4

I did try Lyrica for about 6 months--had so much weight gain and memory loss, OMG! NEVER AGAIN! Let the user beware!!!


January - December 5

Amen to that! After trying lots of "fibro" meds and having horrible results, I really agree. Side effects, and then more awful drugs to treat side effects, a vicious circle.

Dr. Sidney Wolfe, who is a consumer advocate and talks about pharmaceutical companies and drugs, suggests that you never take anything that has not been on the market for at least SEVEN years. (He increased his suggestion from five years to seven years.) This is because the drug companies are more concerned with the bottom line than with your health, and the FDA is not the great watchdog it is supposed to be. Drugs are pushed out more quickly, and the real side effects only come to light after a lot of people become ill, complain to the FDA, and file lawsuits. This takes years. Your doctors usually only know what the drug reps tell them - and the drug reps are all trying to sell more drugs. They have contests and prizes, just like Tupperware. They are NOT going to tell the doctors about the downside of anything they are selling.

Last week I watched a documentary called "Bad Blood" about what happened to the hemophiliac community with regard to careless, greedy drug companies and an inept FDA. (i highly recommend it, because I think things are now even worse than they used to be.) The hemophiliac disaster started in the early 60s and continued for decades. (As you probably know, the "treatments" for hemophilia were contaminated, first with hepatitis, then with AIDS virus. The procedures at the drug companies were so poorly done that the great majority of users of their "wonder healing" drugs became contaminated with these viruses. The companies were aware of the risk and did nothing to prevent it or stop it. It took the hemophiliac community and a lot of lawyers to get the truth out. There was a simple solution that the drug companies had ignored: heat sterilization.) I also highly recommend googling for sites about side effects of the drugs used for fibromyalgia, especially antidepressants. One site is called ssri stories.


mshouleruk - December 5

I amend you on your brave post Janaury, the natural way is defintely the way to go. People need to realize and understand that the effective treatment of Fibromyalgia involves a holistic approach to health. Drugs will only ever treat the symptoms of disease. No drug is side effect free. Most of the damage done you won't even notice untill years later. When you feel your body getting sicker, year after year, no that is not because your getting older, it's because your body has been abused and is choking full of chemicals. How can I be so sure about this? I will tell you why. For the last few years I have been running a fibromyalgia support group. Within the people I help I have noticed two very clear trends; those who are pro-active about their health and take the least amount of drugs always fair better then those who deep down believe and hope doctors will one day find the answers to their health struggles and are popping about 10 different pharmaceutical pills a day. If drugs are so amazing, why aren't the people who are popping the most amount of drugs have the best quality of life? You decide out of those two groups of people which path in life you want to take.

I will close with this. If you are one of those people who are sick of drugs, yet open minded and tend to agree that a holistic approach to health will fair better then drugs alone, then please, when you are having a good day, consider watching one of these two health documentries.


you get round to watching both even better, congrats. You will feel inspired and I do hope you leave your reply on this forum to help inspire other people as well. I believe we should all try to help each other.
Your doctor is getting paid for what he does. True friendship and a caring heart doesn't work on the philosophy of money and greed.


January - December 17

mshouleruk - thanks for your kind words, I appreciate them. And you make an excellent point. Why is it that the people who are taking the MOST drugs feel the WORST?? Seems they usually start on one or two potent pharmaceuticals, and then develop side effects, and keep adding drugs to treat more and more side effects that would not be there if they never started the drugs!

I take a couple older (safer) drugs, at low doses. I know the side effects and risks. But, in general, when a doctor tries to give me a drug, I "just say no." This makes some of them very angry. But I have watched many people die lingering, painful deaths, being literally poisoned by pharmaceuticals, under the learned care of doctors, in the name of "preventive medicine!". We are all going to leave the planet one day, but we have an absolute right to decide how we want to go. I prefer not to go by drug poisoning.

Nutrition, exercise, and supplements are all very valuable… but you have to put forth some effort - educate yourself - and sometimes fight for your right to use these approaches!


mshouleruk - January 15

Doctors and scientists study the sick and from that they learn how to be sick, and what being sick means. The secret to getting well is to totally ignore all that lot and study only people that are well or that have gotten well or are getting well. These people, whom ever they are and what ever their illness will always have something useful to tell you



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