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This illness is impossible
38 Replies
January - June 22

Yes. Have you carefully looked back to think about whether you had symptoms when you were younger - just not so severe? Maybe they were fleeting and only lasted a few days? A lot of abused kids develop a "stoic" attitude where they deny the pain they feel - to survive.

My theory is that it takes a while for the muscles (or whatever complicated system is involved, like maybe the HPA axis?) to completely wear out. It may also be tied to insufficient intake of nutrients, lack of restorative sleep and the breakdown of normal aging over the years. I think we are resilient and self-healing, but only up to a point.

As some authors say, "the body remembers" the abuse. If this tension isn't really worked through well and healed (and I don't know if you ever really heal from child abuse…?) perhaps it stays with you, and you are just primed for a breakdown later on in life. It seems that a lot of us develop fibro in later years after some kind of physical or emotional trauma. Maybe it's just the "last straw." But I'm interested to see the number of young people diagnosed with it now - people in their teens or 20s.

Reminds me that maybe there are different causes for fibro….?


mshouleruk - July 23


It saddens me to hear of your continued frustration with this disease. I think you are very strong to just cope day by day with what you do. What upsets me more is how earlier this year when you were crying out for help a certain member on this board tried to attack me, in effect making you feel even more hopeless and stopped you from receiving any adequate help. After the insults, I couldn't take the stress and general negativity of this forum and decided to delete fibromyalgia-symptoms from my bookmarks, but I do find it ironic that in my absence my recommendation of an enzyme called “Serrapeptase” has already helped a few people here.

Not that I am saying Serrapeptase is the holy grail of Fibromyalgia treatment, but it's certainly one of many tools that can help make living with fibromyalgia more manageable.

You asked for feedback, and I will have to say in my opinion I really don't think the low fat diet is doing your health any justice. Did you know that even people eating a 100% raw vegan diet, despite being considered one of the healthiest diets of the planet, can get extremely sick? There are many case examples out there, even people getting so sick from eating that way that they can barely get out of bed in the morning. The point is here is that we are all unique, all with different genetic traits.

Looking at the facts, the low-fat diet goes against 30,000 years of human evolutionary eating. The low-fat diet is pushed by clueless bureaucrats and manipulated health studies that in the past 50 years has pushed heart disease in America to record highs. Heart disease is America's #1 killer, incidences of heart disease has literally exploded in the last 50 years, despite the fact more and more people are “embracing” the low-fat lifestyle. Wonder why? Quite clearly because people love to be brainwashed by corporate entities that are more interested in having a well structured sickness industry that keeps people sick and makes billions of dollars for the very few pulling the strings at the top.

Not to go off track here, but it has to be said Corporations are actually the biggest threat to mankind right now, along with society's free will to accept this twisted form of corruption and do nothing about it. I have come to understand during my short time on this planet that corporations have much more power over society then most people could ever imagine. One way of looking at it is in terms of congress votes. You see most politicians would be better of defined as a politute - a politician who behaves like a prostitute, selling his/her congress vote in exchange for large sums of money. Usually multinational corporations are buying up these votes, so most laws these days are passed in favour of corporations, not for the common good of the people. The world is extremely complex in the way society is governed, and because mainstream media is also a corporate entity, with vested interests, you ain't gonna be hearing about it from them.

In the future you will see corporate greed hasten the downfall of both Europe and america's economic foundation. Debt problems will continue to increase, fiat money will continue to lose it's purchasing power as both Europe and America print more money out of thin air, as a result Gold and Silver prices will continue to rise at an almost alarming rate. The principles of economic growth are just not sustainable for the limited resources we have on this planet. Instead of people thinking about the bigger picture, those who govern us will fight to make every last dollar of profit from us, in turn bringing about the collapse of a 130 year fiat money experiment. Society will adjust, but the next decade will be a roller coaster ride that will be forever imprinted in the mind of people and written in history books to come.

Going back to health, and the low-fat diet myth, Cholesterol is one of the most important compounds for healthy hormone imbalance. Why? Because Cholesterol is the precursor and building block of a wide variety of major hormones in the human body; Progesterone, Estrogen, Pregnenolone, Testosterone and Cortsiol. Without these hormones, are bodies begin to malfunction. For people who are exposed to a long-term low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, that's exactly what can happen when low levels of free circulating cholesterol manifest as chronic hormone deficiencies. Generally, a healthy body can create it's own Cholesterol in which to build Hormones without too much problem, but a sick body struggles in this conversion process, the low-fat diet just inflicts more damage to this diseased state of being.

Rahiin, have you ruled out Lyme Disease yet?

Please, if you ever want to contact me, my email is mshouleruk at and my skype username is shouleruk


January - July 23

Ms. Houler, I assume you are referring to me again. However, the information in your first paragraph is rather skewed. Please do not insinuate that I, in any way, wish to prevent Rahlin from getting any and all help that she needs or wants from whomever she pleases. I hope you can help her.

If you would like to review what really went down, please go to the small blue search box on the right, insert "mshouleruk" and hit search.

In many respects, I AGREE with the material you post, and I said so. I also mentioned the areas in which I disagree, but I believe it was YOU who initially went on the attack regarding my friend the PhD nutritionist. Perhaps we both behaved badly. For my part in it, I really, sincerely apologize for any stress I caused you. Really. I should not have been making jokes, but sticking to the facts. I learned something from this episode, and I hope you did too.


skycladfaerielady - July 25

I am right there with you. :( I used to compete in Martial Arts Competitions, now.. I am lucky to walk down the steps.


mdak - July 26

I think we all been there with many doctors. I have been staying away from DR's and it seems I am doing so much better. I have went the more natural ways of treatment. Supplements, heat, rest, counselor, and stay away from stress. I am trying to play games and puzzles for my poor cognitive thinking. I take each day at a time. Every time I try a new med. I get horrible side effects. Hopefully you will find a balance what works for you.


rnsarah32 - July 26

Hello Everyone, I'm 25 years old and was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I've had the pain, the fibrofog, sleep distrubances, and depression/anxiety for about 5 years now. My Dr. thought it was simply Depression/Anxiety. I was on Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Cymbalta, and Zoloft, none were effective. The side effects of Cymbalta were just terrible and the other 3 worked to control the anxiety for about 6 months, but then would stop working. At the same time when I was complaining about pain, my Dr. had me see physical therapy (which did nothing for me). I spent out of pocket to see a massage therapist and to work out to try to get the endorphins flowing and a stronger core..STILL didn't feel good. Finally he told me maybe I should get a breast reduction to help with my back pain...(my breasts are only C's!)....Finally when I found a new Dr. I had X Rays and MRI's all of which were normal. Again, thought it was depreesion so prescribed me a SSRI and told me to see a Chiropractor. I saw the Chiropractor so much that my insurance wouldn't cover it anymore. This Dr. also prescribed me meds for ADD (which was really fibrofog I guess). FINALLY, about 2 months ago I saw a Rhuematologist who told me it was FIBRO... she prescribed me Savella. I weaned off of the Zoloft to prevent Seratonin syndrome and tried the Savella. It was terrible! I couldn't go to work after being on it for a week because I was so nauseous and sweaty with chills. I called the Rhum. and she told me to STOP taking it. She told me my only other option was Lyrica, but I told her no because I didn't want to gain the weight and cause MORE pain for myself. She told me that she couldn't help me then and I should see a psychiatrist (who would be better to get the right doses of these meds to work for me) but I just don't have the strength anymore to deal with this. So basically, I'm completely weaned off of everything and I don't know where to go from here. All I know is I'm in pain, I'm tired and I have no hope. I don't know how people have this for decades and are still functioning. Any advice, PLEASE? I want to get some pain medicine, but I've hinted at it a few times to my current Dr. and I just felt like he thought I was med seeking.


junerd - July 26

Baxter1959, Those of us who have had FMS for decades know that the symptoms change from day to day and year to year. Sometimes better and sometimes worse I remember after initially diagnosed in 86 I was in a horrible flare and the doc just kept adding drugs. Finally, I could no longer tolerate being a zombie and I definitely
remember the first day I went to look for a job my hands hurt so bad I could hardly control the steering wheel. But remember, this too will pass. Hot water seemed to help and I went through a year of washing dishes by hand just so I could keep my hands in hot water. Keep your chin up and keep looking for what works best for you.


jrzgirl1 - July 28

do you geta numbness/pain in your jaws.I just went to the problems. I don't know if I can handle this anymore, fibro I could deal with, it the FEAR of having a heart attack, I've been told over and over again it's not my heart, I try to believe it but when I get stressed out and sad, it makes me think more. I had stress tests twice, once in 2004, ultrasounds, ekgs and a cardiac cath. do you think that if my cardiac cath came back bad or something was found, would the dr keep me following up. I went to Deborah Heart and Lung hospital in NJ, I know I need to excercise but the fibro makes it hard and then oh if you do, you will have a heart attack, plays in my mind.Family does not understand, and PCP does not believe Fibro exists, went to a Ruematologist for tests and pain meds but they took the pain meds off the market Darvocet, so I suffer physically and emotionally, I ache all over and have been for the past week, I'm tired


constellations - August 1

hi! i'm the exact same way(when it comes to doctors). I went to my neurologist, expecting something new, and he just pulled up my back x-rays(we thought for a while that I had a semi-crushed spinal column), and went on for 15 minutes, telling me the exact same stuff that my pediatrician had told me a month earlier. After a while, I just had to cut him off and tell him I knew all of this, and it wasn't useful.

No one has suggested any sort of treatment for me, and that worries me because it just seems like they aren't even sure if I have fibromyalgia.

I hope things work out for you, I'm sorry that I offered no real advice.


Nee_ster310 - September 11

Hi Rahin, Im sorry you are going thru this. I too felt only a little bit of what your going thru. I just have inflammation in my knees, hands and neck. Now, My mother went to the a new doctor about 4 months ago and the doctor refereed my mom to go and order a product online to try for her fibro. Its an all natural product. She said this product has the highest antioxidants in the world. Its called Kyni. Well, I and my mother tried it at the same time with in the 2ed week I started not feeling the pain. For my mothers fibro it took a month and a half. Within the 3 weeks my mom started sleeping and it has been 14 years since she slept thru the night and now she is snoozing away. I asked the doctor if I can give this info to friends and family and she said its for everyone who would like to order. I call Kyani's customer service at #208-529-9872 #283378 my mom orders online at and give them the docs Distributor #283378 The three product that Dr. Baird let us know about is Nitro Extreme, kyani sunrise and kyani sunset. I just went ahead nd got my own membership #.This stuff truly works and wished that all doctors knew about this. Well Rahin, All I can say is try it for yourself. I just realized that there is money back guaranteed within 30 days. TRY IT TRY IT TRY IT... Its mazing


smilesaver72 - September 15

I am so sick of Dr.'s too. It has been 5 months, IDK how people go 30 years with out relief. I have less anxiety and have calmed myself more. The psychiatrist has prescribed most of the meds since all the dr's said I was depressed so I went to see the shrink. Funny he has been slowly adding fibro meds over the past 3 mos. Neurontin helps me alot. I was not able to make it through a whole day without going to bed mid day. Yet I would be up all night from body pain. Tomorrow I will get switched from Prozac to Cymbalta and see how I do. I still have pain and am frustrated. I want my life back. I went from being over active to nothing. If I could quit school n work too, I would. Almost glad I can't so I don't give up. my two youngest teens keep me going and encourage me to keep pushing. Feel better and good luck. Sorry I have no real answers as I seek them myself. :)


January - September 15

I hope before you take Cymbalta you will read up on the side effects and the withdrawals associated with trying to stop taking this drug. It works for some people. Others have a very hard time, and doctors don't seem to be well educated about it - they don't warn you up front. Google "cymbalta withdrawal" and read about it. Some people have had such a bad time with this drug, there may be a class action lawsuit. Erin Brockovich is working on gathering information. Just read up on it before you try it and decide for yourself if you want to risk the possible side effects. There are other drugs out there you can use besides Cymbalta.


edwinsmoz - November 30

You should try Lyrica. I found it helped me a lot and it did not make me gain any weight. That is just a possible side effect, but even then it couldn't be much. I didn't have any side effects from Lyrica at all actually. The only draw back is that Lyrica cost a lot of $$.


skycladfaerielady - November 30

I am on Enbrel, which helps a bit, thank goodness for insurance, as it is quite pricey, also. :( I have a few good days & try to do everything I can on those days... then pay for them for a week. [sigh]


edwinsmoz - November 30

Yes I know what you mean, when you have one good day. You tend to live it up as much as possible which ends up putting you in more pain for the week. I don't have insurance so it would cost me $400 a month for my meds except I get them for free right now.


skycladfaerielady - November 30

My insurance is paying a little over $1100.00 a month right now. Seems like the drug companies could make them affordable for everybody, NOT just people with insurance! :( Getting ready to go shopping today, so I will be down the rest of the week. Sometimes it is worth it & other times not...



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