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the bad guy (fibro) has me down!
7 Replies
swttee4u - November 29

i'm getting so tired of dealing with this that i don't know what to do! i've had this for about 17yrs. i had it when no one knew what it was. as the months pass fibro leaves you with it's new surprise gift's as i call them. the pain that grows to every muscle in your body. it has me down and it's winning. i feeling like i just can't get it togther. i'm hurting,tired, depressed, and very forgetful! even my eyesight is going crazy! it makes me crazy! i just can't get it together. i've missed important appoinments and gatherings cause i wasn't able to get up. i love to dance and the doctor thought that was a good thing cause exercise hurt so bad. dancing is different but just the other night i could barely dance. now fibro is taking something else from me! i just needed to get support because i now know that i have people just like me to feel what i feel.
any encouragement


axxie - November 29

OH, I feel for you and I feel for myself, I just posted on general discussion, how I was getting down because of this fibro. I just don't have energy.

:) smile, we will hibernate and wake up only in the spring.


tnichel - November 30

I'm right there with you guys. I thought I finally had this thing figured out. But in blew winter and the rain and I'm miserable. Actually I feel just like I did when I got diagnosed. I'm tired of battling with it and trying to remain positive. Today every single inch of my body is screaming out in pain but I still had to go to work. None of the pain meds are working (why am I spending all this money of meds that don't work half the time). I just want to get in the bed and not come out til spring. Well at least we know we're not alone.

The doctor asked me if anything had upset me in recent months and if I was getting enough rest. Hello!!!! All I do is rest. I'm tired of resting. I want to LIVE!!!! And no, I'm not some overly emotional sap. Actually I take stress rather well. Ugh, and people wonder why we don't walk around smiling all the time. I know I'm cranky but I can't help it at this point so I'll stear clear of everyone except for my fibro buddies b/c they're the only ones that understand.
Fibro Hugs!!!


axxie - November 30

I'm right with you tnichel, I know what you mean, are you getting enough sleep, no, cause I have this thing about sleeping, I'd like to live a little, you know, throw my knickers around, dance up a storm and drink some merlot. Damn doctors are driving me nuts, and sometimes my whole family will drive me nuts. It's not their fault, I know that, but either you are feeling good one day, to suffering like hell bent on fire for a hundred days......

Time for me to go to sleep, tomorrow morning I must fight the damn traffic and get to work for 8:30.


swttee4u - November 30

thanks you guys for the support. i can't work anymore. i tried but kept getting fired for being sick. and then i can't walk when it gets me down i just ache so bad and the pain can be unbearable. i was granted disability in 2001 thanks to my doctor. he's great but just like u said the meds just don't work and he knows cause his late wife had the same thing. all i can do is lay down and i get tired of that! i want to go out and do stuff just like others but when i do my body be calling for me to go lay down!!!


axxie - December 1

I feel for you, know full well, that some people suffer alot worse then I do. When I'm down for count, you guy's probably have it full force.

It's a combination of things that make you feel bad. It's about eating right, taking meds, and doing some excercise even if it means just walking a block, and it's about vitamins and to stress in your life. Then there's the weather, and other environmental factors in life that you can't control, put it all together and you have a bad flare that can last days or weeks.

I know full well how you feel. I have just returned to work, today was my first day back, it was ok, but then I only work 5 hours a day for three days a week. I cannot work in a stress environment, that I have made peace with. I am trying to return to work, if this attempt doesn't work, then it will have to be disability for me.

Either way sometimes we don't win in life. I have stop figuring out why and I just accept, cause it's easier for me to get along then be up in arms with this shitty fibro.

Maybe it's time you see your doctor and revisit your medical, and maybe tweak your meds, so you can get a little more days where you feel better.

Sending you my hugs and a nice smile......


swttee4u - December 1

thanks axxie, i've fms for a long time though and if it wasn't for my doctors late wife havin it no other doctor would have known back then. i do several things for the pain, my is so bad that i'm in pain every day. i'm used to dealing with the pain but it's when i get those really bad flare ups that get me down and all i can do is lay down for a couple of days.


solanadelfina - December 1

I wonder if all the little fibro demons inside us are organized somehow and go off at the same time, or if they dig out sleds and snow boots to go to town at this time of year.

I'm strongly suspecting that plantar fasciitis might be setting in, (and will be going to my guardian angel doctor tomorrow to check), but the lower body has been hurting from feet to glutes like at the beginning. Not only register, but most of my work has been torturous, and I've been sitting down and whimpering a lot lately. My boss is still saying he can't 'officially' allow anything to help me, so I finally wrote down all the stool BS with him and his manager and sent it off to HR along with my doctor's note that was ignored. I'll go to my company's president herself if I have to.

Swttee4u, I feel your pain about missing dance. I tried tossing in one of my bellydance workouts today and had to stop about ten minutes into it, while still in the warmup.

I did find something helpful for the mind games. It's a little devotional, Daily Meditations for Chronic Pain. Unlike a lot of books that have good intentions but are useless, or have advice for 'hold on until it gets better' or just 'there's a greater reason for this', I think this was written by someone who has something themselves. The devotional for my b-day in August was about the fear of the unknown and the future, and instead of dismissing it suggested looking at we have done already and to carry on that courage.

If we can't have a whole party, may we be able to pull off something that will make our hearts dance. Gentle hugs to all.



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