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Teeth & Gum senitivity
17 Replies
Tina - April 27

I have fibro & costochondritis now for about 4 yrs & have suffered with the symptoms associated with these conditions. My question is i have started only recently to suffer with senitive gums, a tingling sensation around the gums & Teeth, i also have a strange feeling going through the teeth & gums also which i cannot explain.I look after my teeth very well & they are in very good condition,Is this or could this be another symptom of fibro???


Jean - December 23

Hi Tina: That is a very good question. Nerves run through your teeth and it could possibly be treated or recognized by a dentist. I suggest to go to your dentist to see what might be going on in there. He/she might have better answers than what I can give you at this time. Happy Holidays


Betty - January 2

Hi Tina:

I have fibro also and have been having problems with my gums feeling swollen and tingling also. I also at one point developed ulcers. I have been to the dentist who told me he didn't know what was wrong. Also to the rheumotologist who could not help me. I wondered if anyone else suffered from this. Sometimes it is worse than other times. It makes my mouth very dry and sometimes difficult to speak. Mine is mainly concentrated in the front upper part of my mouth. Have you found anything else out about this? Is it from the fibro?


Laura - January 17

I have had FMS for years but dianosed 1 year ago after Lymes Treatment. Always took great care of teeth and gums, no problems. Last year my teeth hurt so much, went to dentist who couldn't find anything wrong, but finally pulled my front teeth after I complained about the pain so much!! It was after that that I heard FMS Caused pain that really doesn't have to do with anything wrong with teeth. I still have pain in the front teeth that aren't there anymore!!! So what that that tell you! Along with frequent headaches (which I never had until a year ago, my gums ache alot. I notice most at night when I am trying to sleep. Just had my teeth cleaned no problems with gum or teeth. Good Luck!


lilly - April 7

hi, I to suffer with sensitive teeth and gums. I have been to the dentist upteen times trying to get some answers about my teeth. Everytime i am told that there is nothing wrong with them. I brush my teeth morning and night, oral hygene is very important to me. I even thought it might be the mercury in the fillings, but my dentist just dosen't dosen't agree. I am now noticing that i get bad breath on and off, checked this out with dentist, this problem is not due to decay. He found no reasons for thebad breath.


Kim - April 8

I have had problems on and off with swollen gums and tooth pain. The dentist did X-rays and could find nothing wrong. Very frustrating.


Sasha - April 16

I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr and Fibromyalgia a year ago.
One of my most painful symptoms is my gum/teeth pain.
The only way I can describe it is as if my gums are swollen and my teeth could fall out. It's painful and annoying.
My doctor said jaw and teeth pain is not uncommon with fibro.
I hope it helps to know you aren't alone.


Sue - April 27

It could be because some people have problems with TMJ and it could effect your nerves in your mouth.


R.S.Hagen - October 10

Hi Tina, I don't know if you are going to see this posting, but recently I bought a workbook for Fibro/Myofacial Pain Syndrome, it showed nerve paths to the teeth, since this was a new problem I was having It interested me, I had a bad car accident with lots of neck problems mostly soft tissue, anyway the muscles in the front of your neck can have trigger points that cause all kinds of pain in your face/head and mouth regions, I started to take my vitamins again which also helped and massage to my neck, I sometimes massage the gums around the sore teeth as well, not a cure, but might be a help with these flares in your teeth. the book is called the trigger point work book.


BrandyO - October 19

The 3 branches of the trigeminal nerve are in the face. I have a condition called trigeminal neuralgia (effects the teeth and jaw) and I take Tegretol to control the pain. I don't no if this is a fibro related at all (I have had fibro for 40 years) but I do no that trigeminal neuralgia is a neurological condition. If your pain is excruciating in this area (teeth and jaw) you may have this condition. Brandy


entanjels - February 2

Seems I'm not the only one who has a problem with gums and teeth. I don't know how long I've had FMS but was diagnosed about 2 years ago. I have always suffered with VERY sensitive gums, they bleed easily and just recently started getting numbness, almost like when you're allergic to pineapple or something? I'm about to go to the dentist and won't let him randomly yank teeth!! Glad a read this before going...


January - February 2

I had tons of dental surgery - maybe it wasn't necessary? After I'd been gluten free for a couple years, my dentist said my gums looked the healthiest ever. Maybe you have a food allergy - it makes sense that allergens would irritate your mouth. Check that out before getting major work done!

Feel better!


Fantod - February 3

I have problems with the nerve paths in my mouth. They are apparently not always where they are supposed to be which leads to some very uncomfortable dental sessions. I come out looking like a junkie with track marks. It can take multiple injections to get one tooth numbed up enough to work on. My dentist will retire early just because of me. I also hate the pocket measuring procedure which is usually conducted every other cleaning. I don't like to be poked or prodded in any way. I routinely refuse to have this done which also makes the hygenist nuts. It would be nice if we could all have one day where everyone understands and empathizes with what FMS patients deal with everyday. Here endeth my


January - February 3

I have the same problem. Sometimes need 2 or 3 shots to get numb. Dentist said I have the weirdest teeth he's seen. (You know I'm on a celiac soapbox) One of the early symptoms of celiac is bad teeth - your body never absorbs the nutrients necessary to build your teeth correctly. Another idea! A genetic link between FMS and tooth problems? I was missing a couple adult teeth - they just never formed. And yes, the pain at the dentist has always been unbearable for me. People just don't get it. I've had everything root canaled and I still get pain like migraines in my jaws - when the barometric pressure changes.


Criola30 - February 13

Hi. I have fybromyalgia and also have gums and teeth pain. My dentist gave a toothpaste named ControlRx . It's helping me a lot.


shelllc79 - February 23

Hi there.
I have fibro for years n years now. I also suffer from weird pains going through my teeth. Gums being swollen and even bleeding sometimes. I take good care of my theeth. bush everyday and floos every other day. I get dry mouth after I brush my theeth. And I too get ulcers in my mouth. Ive done that since I was a kid. So maybe it is part of fibro?


January - February 24

Hi shellc - sorry to keep repeating myself!

The health of my mouth improved so much when I stopped eating gluten! Too bad it took me SO, SO long to figure out the problem! If you are allergic to gluten, it can inflame your gums and cause ulcers and, in general, wreck your teeth. Just an idea….

The dry mouth will wreck your teeth also, and that's a common side effect of many medications, like antidepressants. My dentist told me all his patients on antidepressants had worsening problems. Saliva helps keep your mouth healthy.

Good luck to you!



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