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spiritual theory?
5 Replies
fibrospirit - July 12

at first i thought all my dreams,goals and self had been taken away,but then i realized having FM has held me back in a good way.if i didnt have FM i would have been furiously doing this and that,never seeing what was really there.because i have been forced to sit and do nothing but contemplate life for years,iv come to a stage where i feel blessed for the beauty i see,hear,smell,feel,and know all around me-(birds,music,roses,the breeze,each person i met on their individual path) i have been stubbornly ambitious untill i realized that wasnt working for me and was making me worse,one day i stopped trying so hard and started listening to my keeps telling me how amazing this universe is and mayby my path is just to acknowlage that,love and enjoy that-maybe the universe needs special people like us to acknowlage and love her,maybe thats our job.essensially we are just extra sensitve beings-it comes with its downs but id rather be sensitive than ignorant!i also believe its the way of the future-that people will recognise and live in the true beauty surrounding us rather than always grasping somthing 'better'-WE R BEFORE OUR TIME PEOPLE! i have more bad days than good and this is a new theory~but i like it! what do you think?


Beone - July 19

if you are interested in these ideas go to Karen Bishops webpage wings report, or lisa renee energetic synthesis , kerrie oconner, or Jelaila starr has an article on fibro and ascension symptoms,
it is interesting stuff.
Dr Judith orloft on worldpuja archives 2007 talks about extra sensitive people having fibro and talks about spiritual energy connections and how to ground the energy. hope this helps.
love Beone,


fibrospirit - July 20

Thanks for your reply Beone,will go straight to these sights now and check them out!Ill get back to you in the next couple of days and tell you what i think.I have recently set up a quiet area in my back paddock to study such spiritual matters,and my councillor suggested i document my thoughts,maby they will lead to somthing wonderful i can bring to the world...or maby just one:-)so far this is exactly how i wanted to live my life,so im still adement fibro is a blessing. Catch up soon hopfully-Love fibrospirit


axxie - July 20

You are so right, about taking the time to listen to the beauty of the world.

I first learned that lesson when I had been diagnosed with cancer and through out many years.

Then life just happened and I was happy climbing the ladder of success.

A marriage and a daughter and my two dogs and two cats became my life along with the chasing of the success of a ladder.

I lost the touch to be just happy and respecting and acknowledging and loving what was in front of me.

I sometimes felt I had lost my special touch, and I blamed my husband for it, they way he was, and the way he drove me nuts, so fast paced and so military and ruled.

It took one savy young 85 years young and wonderful women who I cherish to teach me that you have to forgive for you to be happy again.

You see she was married to a wonderful man, he loved to sing out of the blue, worked hard on his farm and raised great kids, then one day, an accident happened, he passed away but she lived, while we were talking I asked her how she was, and how life was, and we got to talking about the accident and she said to me, you know, if you want to be happy you just have to forgive, yes, the driver was driving fast and yes, he killed him, but I look at the fact he died exactly the way he wanted, fast, and I had to live, ad that's when you just need to be forgiving and put the sad emotions to bed and be proactive to be happy.

She chose to forgive and take life with a happy heart and see the true beauty of everyone she meets.

My soul can only take love
I alone can bring it joy
Slowly my controls are slipping away......


L Light - July 22

That was beautifully written and couldn't agree with you more. I have found this condition to be an astounding 'awakening' in many, many perspective of my life as well. With the profound expansion of FM, it is amazingly shared in so many walks of life. I have found that dealing with it 'internally' to be more rewarding than the enormous amount of 'remedies'. Don't get me wrong, the remedies help during flare-ups, but the emotional, spiritual and calming elements provide a sense of peace and somewhat control. The more 'calming' ways we learn to deal with and appreciate life as a whole, seems to be the universal message? A pleasure sharing...


Sonja44 - August 28

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.



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