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barnes3188 - August 27

I have fibromyalgia and am trying to find someone who understands my pain and anxiety. I haven't met anyone who understands how I feel, I live in Utah and none of the physicians here seem to believe me they all think I'm lying about the pain. If anyone can relate let me know. Thanks.:)


VictoriaB - August 30

I have been through the same thing, kinda, but lucked up on finding a rather new provider, he listens and believes what I tell him. It scares me to think what or where I would be if I hadn't got some pain relief. Pain meds are for people in pain and if you can't find someone who will do what they went to school to do, keep looking, they are out there!!! You know this country is scary when congress has to pass laws to tell medical people they have to acknowledge pain. I have worked as a nurse for 27 years and have always fought for my patients who were suffering to be treated!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless You and I hope you find the one that will help you!!!! Keep looking!!!!!!!!!!! V


rdw776 - August 31

I 57yrs old, have never been sick a day
in my life, then day I had a car accident
and boom my whole life changed. Had back operation and pain after surgery
would not go away, finally after dr's office
made me feel like junkie I went to a rheu
mataologist, he discovered that I have
Fibramalgia, 4 broken bones in my back.
2 herniated dics, and 3 blugging iscs
in my neck, this now sent me to a pain
dr. because the lyrica did not work it
made me feel crazy. So I went to a pain
dr. and now I am on narcatics, they do
help. However family now beleives
I am becoming a junkie, which then
sent me to another rhematoligist who
confirmated my fibramyagia, and added
one of the worst cases of osteroporosis
If the insurance co will pay for medication
I will be taking shots everyday for 2yrs.
Plus living with this fibramyalgia pain.
It is horrible, I cry at least 10mins. in the
morning, have had to quit job can not
produce with all this pain. No one understands or wants to hear about your
pain. People just want to be around happy people. I hope by joining this
forum I will be able to meet people and
talk about this all day, all over pain.
By the way, just this week I have found
from bengay I patch that if you put on
your knees to sleep with 95% of your
knee pain is gone in the am and you can
shower without being in that horrible pain
it only lasts for about 1/2 hour in am but
long enough for shower. Hope this
helps. rdw776. e-mail is dalewinkler


VictoriaB - September 2

I have been in 5 car accidents, one was my fault, I am sure that this has made my pain worse!! I have 2 people I can talk to and that is my older sis, who has fibro and my massage therapist. It is so frustrating not being able to work!! I have worked as a Nurse for 27 years and miss the interaction with others. I have DDD, 4 bulging discs, and osteo bad so I am trying to eat healthy, exercise, and keep my spirits but it is really hard to do some days!! If it wasn't for the Grace of God, I don't know what I would do!! Good Luck everyone!!!


mzzrita - September 3

yes i been there before with my family i would tell them what was happening and they would say it was all in my head i really got it from my grandmother {god bless her soul } she would tell me i was lying i was'nt in that much pain i would argue her down and to find out that she had it before she passed and never told any of us i use to wonder why she would sit indian style with her head down now i know why is ease some of the pain. my reason for telling you this is to ease some of the worries you have its penty of us out here wit this same problemand we all just need someone to be able to talk to cause rather they wanna believe us our not we be in a lot of pain!


tnichel - September 5

I had one friend who weathered the storm with me. Being newly diagnosed, you will quickly find out who is there or not there for you. And you always have this site when you need to talk. I was highly emotional when I was first diagnosed. My mother didn't believe I had it, my primary physician passed me off to a rheumy without so much as one exam, and my internal med doc couldn't find anything...even after a bone marrow test. It was gruelling. But as the medicine took effect, my anxiety attacks stopped and I could think clearly again. My parents believe me now after their initial resistence to the idea. It takes time. Try showing them this website. You aren't alone. And yes, things will improve once you get the right docs on your side. Don't EVER settle when it comes to your health. Had I been persistent when I was 22 I may have had a fuller life in my early 20's instead of spending so much time on the couch miserable b/c I was in pain and that no one believed me... and b/c I couldn't be involved in activities I was once enjoyed. I am 28 now and slowly piecing my life back together. I am so happy now that I can clean a room w/o becoming exhausted. We're here to lean on one another. You can find support here instead of a bunch of pessimism. I pray things get better for you.


trans - September 25

First of all you are not lying. The doctors are not educated and choose not to do so. I chose to respond to your question first because it tugged at my heart strings. Fibromyalgia is an invisible monster. You look fine but feel like you are 100 years old, I am 57 and have had this for over 36 years. Many years ago I saw an arfticle in Reader's Digest and I knew then that, is what has been wrong with me for so long. I went to a rheumatologist just to get the confirmed diagnosis. I lucked out too with my doctor, I would a lady who is a GP and has many fibro and MS patients. Until I met her I was lost and did not know what to do. I take 3 meds, 1 called provigial, which is used for narcoleptics, I call it my energy pill, without that I could not function. I also have sleep apnea, so I sleep with a CPAP and have a med so I can sleep and a low dose serotonin med, because we do not produce that when we sleep like everyone else. I can honestly, no one knows what you are going through except another fibro patient. I have a friend I met on-line in Canada and we help each other all the time, someone that understands. My husband is great too so that helps.
Some people give in to this monster but you do not have to. I will keep fightin this until I can't anymore. I find I learn from other people who have it and keep trying new things to help improve my quality of life. It is not easy at all and it challenges me all the time but you can not give in to it. I find everyone is so different and their symptoms are too. Mine was just severe fatigue for years and then it progressed to the pain and many more of the symptoms listed on this web site. The best advice I can give you is know that this is going to be a challenge and fight like heck to get yourself the help you need. Always be mindful of new theories of meds available in order to improve your quality of life. Someone once told me that fibro is not going to kill you but some days you wish it would. I have had to make adjustments in my life as to things that definitely trigger a flare up. I hope this helps at all. Take care and I will keep you in my prayers.


How to Survive - October 12

Barnes3188 I understand the the pain and anxiety you feel, taking pills for the anxiety to hopefully keep the panic attacks away the pain and the losses in your life. SometimesI think lonliness is the hardest thing with this illness, that and being misunderstood. It can be more cruel than the pain and fluctuations in the day. A pill cant take away lonliness and make you beleived. Victoria B, to your comment belowI was a nurse for over 20 years and ended up with a several levels of of my back being injured and 8 disc buldges,and too miss my job and the interaction of people. Here's to all of us LIVING in this invisible prison


Fantod - October 20

You should go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and ask them for a referral to a fibro-friendly doctor in your area. Also google " Fibromyalgia chronic pain support group" and the name of your city to see what pops up in your area. Another option would be to contact your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for a fibro-friendly doctor. Take care.



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