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Social Aspects of Cane Use
2 Replies
Henrietta23 - July 16

I do not have fibromyalgia. I joined this forum because I like the support given to members.

I have multiple orthopedic issues and a 24/7 pain and disability issue. My problems are clearly going to worsen with age. I am presently 67 and am managing with three Excedrin a day and a cane.

Last night I went to a party at a home that is not designed for people with orthopedic problems. I almost wish that I had stayed home because it was a very difficult evening for me. The world is clearly not designed for people who have disabilities.

The party last night made me realize how much I have deteriorated despite physical therapy and exercise. On a ten point scale with 10 being the highest, I would place my general fear at 9.5. I have huge levels of stress.

I refuse to define myself in terms of my orthopedic issues and I believe I never will. Because of my genetic inheritance, I most likely will have a long life and will be the last remaining person in my family.

I desperately need to learn effective self-management skills and I will welcome positive ideas from the members of this forum. You know what it is like to live with a 24/7 health issue month after month and year after year. For some of you, the problem will go on decade after decade. I thank anyone in advance to shares a positive idea for coping well with pain and disability challenges.


canadacalling - July 26

well Henrietta23: Don't really know what to say as this is a Fibro site, but am sure you are going through a lot of what we do. Pain is a bit part of our condition and fatigue, and sleep issues and a hundred and one other things and it is a big challenge !! Going out socially can be difficult, if you are on a lot of medication. You do not say what else you take, taking 3 excedrin a day and using a cane is nothing compared to what some of us take during a day. Good luck. Hope you will get some interesting responses.


kvc33 - July 28

Absolutely the world is not designed for disabled people. It is designed for the average healthy male because they are the ones who design our homes and infrastructure. It is changing slowly and as the population ages we will demand that it does. As long as i stick to myself it is easier to see my disability as normal but put me in a room of "normal" people and it's like shining a bright light on my differences. It's uncomfortable and upsetting. I remind myself that lots of people have invisible disabilities and are struggling too. Just being short is a problem for me in grocery stores! The world is designed for the healthiest when it should be the other way around. Tell people what your needs are and see yourself as an ambassador for all who have special needs.



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