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Skin painfull to touch
20 Replies
eaglelady5457 - May 20

I got this fibro about a year ago and now i am experiencing depression, touch to the skin hurts all the time, is depression part of it too and loss of so much energy, Please help me to understand this.


KarenCee - May 20

eaglelady, yes...depression can accompany fibro, unfortunately. the skin issue seems to be a constant with me. I have a stinging, tingling sensation across the left shoulder blade skin area all the time, i don't think i remember a time when it wasn't there. the loss of energy could be coming from a lack of deep restorative sleep. i know that for me to get a good night's sleep i have to take sleeping pills. right now, temazepam works for me. there's so much out there now as far as information that wasn't out there a few years ago. this board has a lot of good info to read too. i do empathise with you about your issues...they are hard to battle but don't give up. i like to say that i have fibro but it doesn't have me.


eaglelady5457 - May 21

Oh my Karen Cee my meds are 900 a day and i thought that was bad. I am so tired of feeling so depressed and down all the time and hurting everyday i hope you and I can deal with this, i do not think there is a medicine out there that takes it all away. I have a exercise bike and that is helping me some but not as much as i would like, and like you the weather is a killer on my body all the time, hope you get feeling better soon. Take care


KarenCee - May 21

eaglelady, I hope you're feeling better soon too. It's almost a vicious cycle - pain can lead to depression, which can equate sleepless nights, then that cycles back around to more get the idea. One thing I have learned is to rest, even when I don't feel as bad. Trust me, when I do have days where I feel relatively good I tend to do too much. That makes the next days miserable for me. I've learned to do a little (cook, laundry, etc) and rest. Since I work full time I have to really pace myself too when I get home. Doing too much can bring on a fibro flare from Hades. Yes, weather is definitely a killer. Rest when you can, that's the biggest piece of advice I can give. Take care.


eaglelady5457 - May 29

Thank you for your concerns like you i have to limit what i do per day and i overdue it most of the time, i can not do what i used to 20 years ago lol. I am so used to doing all for myself but i have no one else to help me do things around my apartment. I just do not like very much when some days i can do almost nothing at all due to the fibro and my doctor says i am almost maxed out in my med milligrams. i hope you too get to feeling better we all have our days of more energy and than the next day in severe pain.



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