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signs of FM?
4 Replies
erin44 - July 25

Im twenty-one years old and I am concerned that I have fibromyalsia. After experiencing a horrible relationship and a stressful break up I have noticed a burning sensation in the tops and backs of my thighs, up my buttocks, sometimes to my lower back. The pain sometimes is very intense and other days is less intense but it always there. I have also had sudden shooting pains in my legs and pelvic area. I also have noticed a burning sensation on the outside of my vagina and when I urinate. I have been tested for every vaginal infection and diseases and they all have shown negative results. My grandmother and my aunts have been diagnosed with fibromyalsia and now I am wondering if this is the cause of all of my discomfort. My pain is chronic and I have seen multiple doctors who all assume that because of my negative test results my pain is all in my head. I just got back from Italy for two weeks where the weather was 98 degrees and humid and I was pain free. The moment I got on the airplane I was in pain again. This has been going on for over a year. I tested positive for type 1 herpes but my gyno said that this is not the reason for my pain. She said that it is not skin related at all. It is really frustrating to feel like crap 24-7 and not have any help at all. Even just to have someone explain to me what is wrong would relieve some of my pain. Does this sound like Fibromyalsia? I have had normal MRI and next my neurologist was going to test for a vitamin deficiency.


bernaden2 - February 10

Make sure you get tested for thyroid disease too. Get a full thyroid panel.
Hope things get better.


davidzena - February 11

This sounds more stress related. Fibromyalgia seems worse with humidity and one simple test done on me was to pinch a piece of skin at the base of the neck over one shoulder, and squeeze. let go, and if the pain goes after a few seconds, it is unlikely to be Fibromyalgia. My pain can last for 15 minutes after pinching and is like a burning fire. If you are better on hliday, it is likely that you are away from the stress and trauma of the home situation.


mrsparedes2004 - June 2

Have you been to t rheumatologist yet? After a string of DRs that didn't know what was wrong w/ me, my rheumy easily figured it out. I strongly suggest you going to one b/c they specialize in things like this. Don't give up. I am recently diagnosed, but have been sick for years.


Sharyn - June 16

i would say try and see a Rheumatologist, as only he/she could diagnose you with Fibromyalgia. You could have it especially since it runs in you family already.
It is not in "Your Head" and do not let anyone ever tell you such. You must be your own advocate. Look up the symptoms on the Internet and do as much research as you can so you can be prepared to let the doctor know that it is not in your head!



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