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shoulder pain
8 Replies
hoppy - September 5

I have developed massive shoulder pain in the past several weeks. Its hard to describe the discomfort but it feels stiff, hard to move around my arm, and cant sleep on that side anymore. Has anyone with FM had this problem and suggest any solutions??????


fibrofreaked - October 4

Me too. Mine has been bad for 2 yrs. now. I have been to physical therapy twice and to bone and joint specialist three times. He did xrays and basically said it was my fault for not continuing therapy at home after I was feeling better and for refusing cortizone shots. My chiro got sick of hearing me complain and finally ordered an MRI I hope to hear from him on Monday. I sleep on my side and tuck a pillow under and aroung arm every night, on the rare occassion I start out on my back my wonderful hubby lays near me to brace arm after I get it into a comfie position. I can't stand to ice it so I use a moist heat wrap that can be heated in the microwave especially during the winter.


mesosore - October 4

I think shoulder pain is usually one of the first symptoms of fibro. It usually is worse on one side and almost seems like a frozen shoulder which is what they usually try and treat you for. I have found it never goes away. I've had cortisone shots, trigger point shots, physical therapy etc. When I do things like paint the house or clean or sew or type it gets worse. you have to stay away from those Drs who make you feel like you are doing nothing but complaining. They just make it worse. There is one thing to try when it seems unbearable. Take a nice new paint roller with a new roller and go gently up and down the wall. it is a simple stressless exercise and breaks up the stiffness in the shoulder. I know it sounds silly because you're doing painting without really painting but it does work. Then put ice or heat on it , whichever feels the best and try to relax. Unfortuantely it's probably here to stay. It was the pre cursor of my neck and head pain and caused me to have what they thought was a torn rotator cuff. Wanted to operate. What a joke. fibro causes so many symptoms that Drs don't even want to treat us. hang in there.


Fantod - October 4

Has anyone considered bursitis? It is very common in people with Fibromyalgia (FMS). I have it in both shoulders and hips. Take care.


belle1329 - October 16

I had bursitis when I was a teen, very bad for about a month, I got a shot of cortisone and never had any trouble until 2yrs ago. Im 52, maybe it is bursitis now or maybe it was fibro then, :-) :-(


ouchybody - January 6

Hi, I had the same symptoms in my shoulder several years ago. Dr. said it had to work out itself. Not news you want to hear. Now it's in both feet since August 2009 which makes walking not easy most times.


Fantod - January 7

Frozen shoulder is another option and also a "perk" of fibromyalgia.


ouchybody - January 7

Mine was frozen shoulder and it was terrible. I was 1 handed for awhile since I only had it in 1 arm.


jahennick - January 12

Frozen shoulder....I get that too. Please see my post under 'Left Handed'. Cortisone shots worked for a little while, but the last one I got, last winter, only lasted for 1 week. I thought I was the only one who had this problem! I have had it for almost 4 yrs and it does not seem to be something that will go away. If I don't take my Lyrica, my R shoulder/arm freeze up as well.



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