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Severe exhaustion
4 Replies
kvc33 - February 9

Hi all, Although I do have fibro, my pain is mild and mostly I suffer from the severe exhaustion of CFIDS. I've been living in exhaustion hell for fifteen years. Just finding the energy to breathe is difficult at times. I have tried tons of remedies over the years. Has anyone ever found anything that helps with the exhaustion? I can't live like this for the next 30 years.


axxie - February 10

Hello kvc33,

I know full well what you are talking about, my pain is somewhat mild to moderate, but being exhausted is pure hell for me.

My doctor suggested B12 shots.

Maybe your doctor is open to that, but there should also be a vitamin regime in your daily life in battling fibro and fatigue.

Post me on this web site if you need more info.



kvc33 - February 10

I tried B12 shots, they didn't have any affect, though my bf has had improvement with B12 pills. I take Vit C,D,E,K. I can't say I see any difference with those either. I've done B complex in the past--no change. Sodium and potassium and licorice extract have helped me a bit. Deep breathing seems to make it easier for my body to deal with low blood pressure. Thanks for replying.


Beone - February 11

hello kvc33
i had cfs for 11 years i was able to bring myself right by using kyolic garlic and electro acupuncture, and water, i was then fine for 14 years didnt even go to the doctor in that time, then i got chemical poisoning and got cfs back with fibromyalgia, i haven't been well since, and i had my body smashed and shocked with the chemicals i was afraid to use my cures i used in the past. as any small change makes me feel anxious and makes flare ups, sounds crazy i know. but such is this condition it plays with your mind and healing ability, hope this helps
love Beone,


Sonja44 - February 15

I also have lived with CFIDS and FM for the past 12 years. The exhaustion is debilitating at times. It's hard to describe to those who haven't experienced it.

You are absolutely correct in saying, "Just finding the Energy to Breathe is difficult at times."

Low Blood Pressure information is very hard to find. I found information about NMH (Neuroly (SP?) Mediated Hypotention) because I kept getting docs telling me not to stand up too fast.

I know what Orthostatic Hypotention is... and what I was experiencing was not that. I could be sitting reading quietly and boom...every ounce of energy felt like it had just been sucked out of me. Horizontal is the only position that helps...but it takes time....then I get extremely cold.

NMH is when your BP drops for no apparent reason. They really don't know why it happens and are just guessing at how to treat it.

I am taking 100mg of Veralin pm. It's a High BP med...but taken at it's lowest dose helps regulate low BP. I'm also on Prozac to help my brain communicate better with my heart (as I wasn't depressed at the time it was prescribed). And now, after a horrible FM flare in my forearms...where I couldn't turn a doorknob or pick up a glass of water, I'm also taking Amitriptilyn (sp?) to help me sleep sounder at night. I also take a premium multi-vitamin.

This medication regime has helped me gain some assemblence of normalcy. I still get flare ups and there are times when I have to spend the day in the horizontal position...but nothing like it was when all this started for me.

I try to walk daily to stay as active as I possible can...even if my walk is more of a meander...slow and steady as she goes is my motto.

Good luck to you.



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