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Santa CRuz, California Area Anyone???
2 Replies
SarahO. - October 26

I had fibromyalgia 10 years ago and it has been gone for over 7 years now and I know plenty of people like me who have been cured after years of pain. No, I'm not endorsing any product*)!*)!

I think fibromyalgia probably has many causes but it
can be misdiagnosed TBDs, tick borne diseases. I am the support group facilitator for Santa Cruz County and I just wanted to make anyone from our area aware that until 2003 they believed there was almost no Lyme in our county- but as of 2003 a study was published in the Journal of Medical Entomology wihch showed Santa CRuz County is the HIGHEST in ALL of California, Nisene Marks State Park, where I live btw, being the VERY VERY highest in all of CA. 17.8% in adult ticks and because of the disparate rate between nymphs and adult ticks in CA perhaps as high as 80% in nymphs-

So if anyone lives in Aptos or SC, you should know that- and know that the local Rheumies are clueless when it comes to Lyme & Lyme tx. But there are good doctors in the area- good Lyme docs.

We have had MANY people come through our group who USED to have fibromyalgia.

I had it for over 2 years and it SUCKED- I wouldn't wish it on my enemy-!! Pain 24 hours a day 7 days a week...

I have zero, zero, ZERO pain today. I have been able to have a normal life again.

If anyone is in SC County and wants to call me- my phone number is 1-831-662-2895. Please call before 7 at night because my toddler goes to sleep then and we have tuck-in time*)!*)! Which is sacred*)!

Anyway, hope there ARE some of you in SC because fibromylagia SUCKS- and if you do have TBDs you can get BETTER and not have pain anymore()!(*)!(! Which is very nice, a much nicer way to live in my biased opinion.

MANY people never have any kind of rash and never know they were bitten. It can also be passed congenitally and can present in children as autism
or ADHD.

Take care all,
Best wishes,
Sarah Olson
Facilitator, Santa CRuz County
Tick Borne Disease Support Group


islandguy - October 27

I have seen your handle somewhere else before SarahO but can't remember where. The lyme community must remember that not everyone has an associated lyme disease as an underlying solution for fibro. Many of us have been tested for lyme with no differing results. I have FIBRO. Period !---
I do not have LYME. Period! ----Stress is a major factor for flare ups for fibro sufferers. Yourself, Robin 123, and all the others in your "Lyme groups" need to find another hobby besides adding stress to this site. I will soon be posting on all the Lyme sites to relieve some of my own stress. If you are a Facilitator of a Tick Borne Disease Support Group, and you need to recruit of other sites, your group must be bored and boring.....


SarahO. - October 28

Dear Island,

You are not being open and respectful as the rules of tihs forum dictate. You are being very rude. I do not need to recruit anyone, I am here because I am no longer in pain and I was in agony.

Islandguy, you may NOT have LYme disease- but if ONE poor person in this forum does- wouldn't you want them to get OUT of pain forever? It is so nice not to be in pain.

Lyme and other TBDs can cause fibromyalgia as I know from personal experience. Many people test 100% blood negative.

I think our group is delightful personally.
I know over a dozen people who got rid of fibromyalgia and who no longer have pain. I think that's great. If YOU knew a path like that, wouldn't you want people who are in pain to know about it?

You saw my handle because I popped up on the Robin thread to say that she is posting out of love for her fellow beings.

I know not everyone has Lyme disease- this may not be an issue for you- but if one person in agony can find healing- why keep them from it?
Take care-
Sarah Olson
p.s. 831-662-2895



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