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Restless Leg Syndrome
11 Replies
canadacalling - April 4

I am sure some of us have this at night as well. I did have a prescription for it awhile back but never did take it.

Well listen to this, I heard from a VON Practical Nurse to put a bar of soap in the bed, between sheets or whatever, and the soap cannot start with a P. Oh, my gosh, I have put in some Irish Spring, and will wait to see what happens. It probably is an old wives tale, but I will try it.
No, I do not think I am going crazy!! I laughed at her though. Canadian folks please comment!!

Take care.


Fantod - April 4

I heard of this about 6 years ago - tried it, didn't work for me. Take care.


ptalana - April 5

Wow Canada, I can honestly say this is something I have never heard of. Are you supposed to keep the soap in bed while you sleep? Or are you supposed to take it out before bedtime?
Did she tell you why the soap couldn't start with a "P"? This really has my interest piqued!!!!
Please let us know how/if this works, I'm totally intrigued.....


ptalana - April 5

Hey Canada, well me being me I had to look into this a lil further. Apparently leg maladies can commonly be a repercussion of dehydration and low potassium levels. Sodium chloride helps with these symptoms, strangely enough most soap contains this, and will be absorbed through the skin.
Very interesting, no????
Once again good luck!


Fantod - April 5

Yes - keep the soap in the bottom of the bed when you sleep. Tuckit under the botton sheet.


canadacalling - April 9

I forgot where I posted this, so that is why I am just answering this now. Wow, my head does not seem to be attached today.

I am proud to say, it works. I even mentioned it to the exercise class at the rec. centre today, and some had heard of it, actually the instructess. It does work and I am pleasantly surprised, thanks ptalana for researching this. What a great site this is.


canadacalling - April 30

I know this isn't about restless leg syndrome, but are any of you seeing so many ads prior to our questions from readers here at this forum? It seems more and more ads are appearing and the letters and questions are getting less. Perhaps, Fantod, or Axxie will pick this up and answer my questions. It is only the girls that have been on this forum for a year or so, that would notice this. thanks. Bye and take care everyone.


Fantod - April 30

Yes, to the ads question. It makes me crazy! I'm either in the middle of trying to read and comprehend something or replying to another post and my view is blocked. I hate being interrupted by something I have no interest in at that moment. Any one else?


belle1329 - May 3

lol we spoke about this (the pop up ads) before in the other room under general discussions , a few months ago and I just brought it back up in that forum. check it out under around the date of April 27??? Id have to get out of here and back in there to see (since I cant ever remember anything :)


kvc33 - May 8

I knew that sleeping with a bar of soap underneath me would be very uncomfortable so I rubbed my legs with a dry bar of soap before going to bed and it didn't help my RLS. Is there some trick I'm not understanding?


Fantod - May 8

Place the bar of soap under the fitted sheet at the bottom of the bed. You can position it in the corner or wherever you think it won't bother you. It didn't work for me but other people swear by it. Take care.


vicki1950 - June 16

I'm new here, but have had RLS probs for at least 20 yrs and a friend told me ages ago about taking a potassium supplement (99mg is typical).
If you prefer not to take tablets, look up foods high in potassium. Bananas come to mind, but that's the only one I know offhand.
I take 2 tablets every day and only rarely have a problem. When I forget for a day or two or run out, my legs are back at it, wanting to run in the night! Keeps me awake off and on every few minutes all night. Good luck.



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