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3 Replies
Jamie - July 11

I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist next month. I have had neck, shoulder, and leg pain for as long as I can remember, and I am only 26 years old. I have many other symptoms of Fibromyalgia as well. I am not senstive to slight touches. My body aches terribly, but it does not hurt if somebody touches me. Does that mean that I do not have fibromyalgia? I have been to so many orthopedics and nobody can figure it out.


donnap - June 23

Jamie, I am in a similar situation hon. I'm 51 though. I have an appt. today with my Nurse Practitioner (because I think she will listen & understand more than my GP) to get a referral to a Rheumy at Duke Univ. Hosp. I have one constant pressure point and others - as per the "list" - only on occassion. But, I have too many other symptoms of FM to ignore. I'm interested to see what others here have to say in answer to your question.


Kim - June 23

I have a few trigger points and many of the other symptoms but I don't have pain where it hurts if someone touches me. I was diagnosed about 9 months ago after many tests to rule out everything else. My regular doctor diagnosed me so I didn't have to be shuttled around from doctor to doctor. My mother also has FMS so we have each other to lean on.


Loo78 - July 11

HI Jamie. I was in similar situation. My pain started in Jan - in my legs once i joined a gym. this went on for months with me gradually cutting out everything which wa shigh impact, and when i did push myself id end up in tears, legs throbbing etc. Then docs, physio (who said FM), docs, blood tests, xrays, rheumy theyre now saying im "typically symptomatic" of fibro and i just need 2 more blood results to eliminate other things. Tihng was the rheumy asked me where it hurt, but when he did the pressure test thing i hurt in places i didnt know -like my shoulders.I live alone, so no one ever touches my shoulders,neither did i know i had creaky knees and hip. It all makes sens now -ive never slept well and its got progressively worse over the past year, constantly waking up my legs jerking. ALso fibrofog explains a lot - i genuinely thought i was just a bit dense but now i see it was all linked to fibro. i gave blood last wednesday and my arm is still black (another symptom apparently) and i had a vaccine in each arm yest and now my arms are pretty sore. I also think my mum has it but i think she puts everything down to "arthritis (self diagnosed)". The point is i had a lot of the symptoms but didnt realise they were linked to something - never for one second. I have an old whiplash injury in my neck and i got beat up last may and kicked repeatedly in the neck and back and the rheumy says he thinks it stemmed from that - again i thought that was "old pain" but its all down to damn FM. NOt sure if this helps - just explaining my situ. My friends have taken to calling me Dippy because of fibrofog which is quite hurtful but ill get over it.



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