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weemama - February 17

Hi everyone: Does anyone have any problems when they drink pop? I get dizzy within about an hour and my eyes feel like they have fur in them? Could this be my fibro?


Canada17 - February 17

Absolutely! Pop is just plain bad for most people with Fibromyalgia (FM). Even worse is pop with artificial sweeteners!

Check out those ingredients too! I mean google them, it's crazy!!


ptalana - February 18

Drinking pop has been shown to be extremely detrimental to our health. One reason is that soft drinks deplete our mineral consumption. Most pop contain phosphoric acid and caffeine which deplete the calcium in our bones. Also caffeine is a diuretic, making us urinate more losing essential minerals before they have the chance to absorb in our bodies.
They have also recently had evidence linking soft drinks to pancreatic cancer, while some doc's disagree with these findings I feel better to err on the safe side and just eliminate it from our diets.
There is also the fact that drinking pop is linked to weight gain. One study suggests that 7 percent of Americans calories come from pop. Incredible, isn't it?
While I believe that there will always be contradiction to these findings, after all a lot of money is attained from the production and consumption of soft drinks.
What I have learned is that drinking soda has no real nutritional benefits, and can have a negative impact on our bodies. Especially for us fibro sufferers we do experience sensitivities to so many things, artificial sweeteners have been shown to be a major contributor in many of our flares.
Take care, Patty:)


axxie - February 20

Look if you drink lots of pain, yes, it will absolutely do all kinds of things. But if you just drink a can of pop and no other sugar laced candies or chocolats, then no.

I have fibro, and found that if I eliminate pops and junk food and careful as to what I eat, I feel better. Ask anyone and they will all tell you they feel better.

Keep drking it and eating the junk, yep if you have fibro you will be in pain.


weemama - February 20

Thank you Canada17 appreciate the more pop for me. Also thank you ptalana...I have also heard that they have come to the conclusion that pop causes pancreatic cancer..very scarey....I just remember all the pop I drank growing up. It was a treat to have, but we got a bottle of our choice once a week....
And thank you axxie for the input...I had stopped drinking pop, but just had that craving the other day and had a pepsi...not such a good idea...thank you all....


solanadelfina - February 20

The study involving pop and pancreatic cancer was suggested to be inaccurate. Apparently, the day that it was broadcasted, another doctor came on that night and explained that there were too many holes for it to be conclusive. But, cancer or no, it's still not very good for you.

I actually cut my pop intake to almost nothing years before the fibro, because the carbonation made me sick. Just a Dr. Pepper at my favorite Chinese restaurant about once a month, or a Dr. Orange. Now, I actually prefer my tea.



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