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jrzgirl1 - February 24

in fingers, can this be from fibro. also having balance issues, MRI of brain with/without dye came back normal, sent me to PT, saying it was a problem with my neck, that did not work, so now it is stress and I have to see a therapist. I am under alot of stress but the numbness started after PT and my neck, when I turn my head to either side, I hear crunching sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have fibro and Raynauds,ANY HELP PLEASE


Jocelyn - February 25

Hi Jzgirla,

I am so sorry to hear you are so stressed. Fibro does effect the nervous system making everything you think and feel worse.

After seeing a chir I started having problems with pain and numbness in my fingers. It had to do with a disk in my neck. The MRI on the brain will not show that but an MRI of the upper spine in your neck will show if it is a disk problem. Fibro includes just about every kind of system you can think of so it is difficult to figure out what is causing what. The balance problem can simply be from the meds you take. I have a lot of problems with meds.

Raynauds can cause numbness and pain.

To relieve your mind, have an MRI done of your neck.

I suffer from Sjogrens and Fibro and I have all kinds of new things popping up. It drive one crazy.

I go to sleep at night and wake up shaking and I don't know why, but then I go back to sleep and it doesn't happen anymore. I figure...Fibro and Nerves.

We can never catch a break. Let me know how you are doing.


belinda58 - January 9

hi i to have numbness in arms,hands,legs and feet,i am having trouble holding knife and fork,i had/have balance problems,somedays worse than others,doc said it was labrynthitis,i also have a mass around aorta near heart but not cancer,cannot remove it,i had chemo and thats when i started with massive muscle pains and 1 year later diagnosed with fibro


reneelynnfox - February 3

I also have fibromyalgia and wake up many times at night with numbness in my hands :( It really is a bummer .


conniehurts - September 16

I have numbness in my body, usually in my feet or fingers but can be anywhere. I have even had the skin over my skull go numb! I have fibro and reynauds as well as other issues especially with spine. I haven't found any way to stop it or even help while its happening. If anyone has any ideas let me know!! Sitting at the computer will guarantee my feet and fingers and usually legs too to go numb. Gentle hugs to all. Peace Connie



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