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numbness and loss of sensation on my left side after a bad fall.
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[email protected] eircom .net - August 18

iwas told i have fibromyalgia but any one i have asked with the same condition never heard of numbness. some days it can be very bad.And the tiredness is something else to much to deal with as well as run a home and be a full time mum.


Elizabeth Baker - August 18

I have had FMS for nearly 6 years. In my first couple of years I had regular episodes of numbness and loss of sensation, particularly in my arms and legs. Now, in the last two weeks I am experiencing persistent loss of sensation on my left side. I don't know what is going on but wanted to say that both my experience and my doctors' knowledge confirm this as a common symptom in the FMS cluster. I am so sorry.


R.S.Hagen - October 10

Hi Helen, this is way past your posting, but I am having alot of pain and numbness along with burning skin, my GP assures me it is the Fibro, I wonder if it is MPS or CMP (same), the numbness ran down my legs into my feet, and started from the back of my hips, I checked out the trigger point map and there are alot of answers to strange symptoms that aren't quite true to Fibro that do line up with the MPS/CMP. Massage to the trigger point areas sometimes releases the nerve and the numbness leaves, but like all good Fibro patients, NOT, I am not too faithful to continue and have recurrent flare ups. research your symptoms and educate yourself, your dr, might not be up on this problem and just might be passing the buck, it does happen. There is a saying we use alot, if it's going to be, it's up to me, I have found this to be true with my families health.


carm - October 11

I have numbness in my right shoulder and hand a lot especially at night. Before being diagnosed I went to a neurologist and everything else with no other answer in sight. I think it is a more common indicator then some may think.



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