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CharlieA64 - May 30

I understand completely. I have explained to my Dr. and all they say is um! Well why am I having numbness, or my fingers turn purplish.The Dr have said I need to see a neurologist.The neurologist says nothing is wrong...
Sometimes I think Dr's dont have a clue, and will tell you anything. but believe me, this is not in your head. My advice is dont give up keep trying its very fustrating at times, because you look for the Dr's to have some sort of answers.
Good Luck!


axxie - June 1

I was diagnosed with fibro about 8 months ago, I had the same exact numbness. One doctor who did not believe I had fibro, tried to tell me I was imagining things, then the second doctor who is a bone specialist, told me that with rest and maybe pain management I would return to normal. I tried to work everyday, increasingly I was bedriddent and could not manage the drive to work, I would get there so numb that sometimes I would have to sleep in my car and rest, prior to going into work, only to have my brain fail on me, because of the fibro fog. The worst is when your coworkers and your boss does not believe you and only think that you are faking it. That took me a long time to let go of. But like chloe3, I started to take control and at my lowest time, I found this new doctor, granted she doesn't know everything about fibro, but she helps me as much as she can and if she doesn't know, she will research it. I'm 52 years young, and I survived cancer of the ovaries when I was 23 years, I went through many treatments and I survived, so I don't know when I wake up, if I'm going to be in a good mood or if going to be a physcho, because of the pain. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you, please hang on, with proper medication and good wholesome foods and vitamins, you can control your fibro. The only factor in, the weather, that really play havoc on your body.

Good luck to you and hope you are on medication. Hey chloe3, hope you are feeling better, if you need to talk, to someone who knows first hand what it's like to have cancer of the ovaries, please reach me on this forum and we will make arrangements to talk via email.

Hi Raymonde Laprade, I'm also french canadian and living in the National Capital so if you are not far, we can also talk about fibro.


The Bonz - June 16

I'm sorry you are hurting. I too suffer with fm and have numbness and tingleing in my hands and arms. I mentioned it to my doctor and he just blew me off. I thought it might be carpul tunnel, but the doctor never acknowledged it. I really don't know what to tell you, just know that you have other people out here who can relate. I use Voltaren Gel and I put it on my knees, fingers and wrists. It may help you too. Let me know.


Shateiel - December 9

I'm new to this forum :) I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago.
I also have numbness, in both arms and hands and feel as if I've been boxing non-stop for days. And not only that, I have this annoying burning/stinging sensation, in both arms and left hand all day long. At certain moments of the day I jut can't move my arms at all.
My doctor gave me vitamin B shots, in case of nerve damage and it got me intoxicated and worse. All of them (guess you also have a whole medical team looking after you) are afraid of giving me medication, for I'm having liver problems.
I hate it. I can't work, can't sleep. Sometimes I can't even lift a glass of water. I'm so frustrated, depressed and feel so useless... and it only makes it worse.
And no one gets it... =S


dsm8122 - March 2

I get finger & hand numbness only when i am sleeping. I wear wrist splints and it helps some. It's been going on for a year. I was told it was carpal tunnel but I don't think so.


queenie - March 2

I havnt been diagnosed by a doctor only because I do not have insurance to go, however after lots of research and the signs and symptoms of fms I am definate that is what I have. I to started with the pain and numbness in my hands. That started in me when I was a young teen. I have had to sleep with arm splints on my arms since then to relieve the pain and numbness. I am 32 now and had carpel tunnel surgery last year. That helped alot but now the pain and numbness is starting to come back... I realized I had fms about 7 months ago. Along with that I also have Raynauds symdrome, severe IBS. Living with these are extremely hard to deal with. Currently I am not on any prescribed drugs due to the lack of health insurance. I am looking into natural meds to take. If anyone knows of any that have helped them I would love to know about them. My boyfriend is a massage therapist, having weekly and sometimes daily massages helps me alot. He works all my trigger points which helps relax me and relieves pain. I would suggest seeing a massage therapist for sure. Hope that helps...


lovetaurus61 - March 16

Hi, your letter was so moving. I applaude you and pray to God for your strength and your health. I think the one thing that I fear the most of all this is the Lupus. Thank you for being so strong for us all. God Bless you.


simonne42 - November 3

I know these posts are kind of out dated, but it is nice to know I am not alone in the numbness and tingly area...sometimes I think I am going to have a stroke or heart attack because of these strange feelings and it always seems like it is on one side or the other, not both sides happen at the same strange, but these last couple years have gotten stronger but I haven't told my rheumatologist yet... something I need to bring up I suppose... thank you all for your comments they have truly helped.



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