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Cjbetty - December 24

I am a 31 year old divorced mother of 9 and 7 year old boys..I hurt all the time and it kills me that I cant do half the things I should be doing as a mother for my children. I am almost used to hurting now and thats just not right. I didnt work for 5 months and stayed in bed because I had hurt so bad and just couldnt work..and was getting no where with doctors..Finally last month I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and given Cymbalta..I am staying with it only because I feel happier not less pain. Although the doctor gave me no pain meds..I have been taking Tylenol with Codeine that I got from a recent Root Canal (which wont last I will run out of and only helps so much, better than flexeil). I need to work to support my family and I can not stop moving with growing boys, I do all I can with them.. I just dont know what else to do to get some advice..I am doing a pain diary, taking the cymbalta, changing my diet etc. I have posted on this site a couple of times and it only grows my frustration..I am not sure what to say or do anymore to find some support or helpful advice. I feel comfortable with my doctor as the drs spouse has fibromyalgia, so I cant imagine that shes not fibro friendly.


Taleese - December 24

Hun you need to go see a RA Dr. and based on what you are saying a pain management doctor. Ask the Dr you are seeing who he recommends. I take Zoloft, celebrex and a pain pill as needed. Some days I need none other days it is hard to move but I can function. I too was where you are not able to get up I hurt so bad.
I know there are lots of people here on the boards who can help with advice, they have me.
Good luck and if you need to talk let me know. I don't mind giving my email


tnichel - December 24

Has your doct suggested elavil. It's great for helping you get to sleep and stay asleep but it also helps minimized the pain. Do you have sleep problems. Are you only on 1 medication? Most fibros take a combo of at least 2 meds. It may take a while to find your perfect combo. I think it's a plus that your doc's wife suffers from it. Although I don't wish this on anyone, at least you know your doc doesn't think it's a fake condition and truly wnats to help. It will take about a year before you condition starts to even out. Mostly b/c the meds have to build up in your system to be most effective. Yes, rheumatologists treat the overall condition. Your primary doc handles all the little aches, pains and symptoms. Taleese is right about needing to find one. But find out if he or she treats other fibro patients. That's a big help. Good luck and be patient It will get better.


Fantod - December 25

Go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and ask for a referral to a rheumotologist that treats FMS in your area. You need a second opinion.

Just because your doctor's spouse has fibro does not mean that your doctor is an expert at treating FMS or is up to date on current therapies.

It does take time and a lot of experimenting to get the right combination of drugs to treat each individual with FMS. The longer you let this situation go on, the harder it will be to get your symmptoms under control.

I hope that you will listen to Taleese, tnichel and me and see another doctor. Take care and Happy Holidays to you and your boys.



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