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Not able to loose weight?
8 Replies
myself - February 6

I know i could eat less, but i don't eat snacks, deserts etc. I have been fighting weight since a kid. I was on an extreme diet as a child and still had large thighs and hips.

Anyone else have trouble loosing weight or know why this might happen? I have a skinny sister who does nothing but eat and not exercise, it just isn't fair.


Sonja44 - February 9

I hear ya...I was an Athlete before this illness. Now, I still eat decent but because I can no longer exercise at a level needed...wt gain. And how do you lose wt when exercise is so drastically limited? It's very frustrating!

I feel like my muscles weigh a ton...when I've only gained 20lbs...and the blood in my veins feel like sludge.

I'm going to ask my Rhumy about it and let you know what he says.


Xenia_E - February 12

I'm in the same boat...I'm stuck at 185, no matter what kind of diet I'm on, or what doc-prescribed weight-loss pills I take, or how much I exercise (which hurts to do, so I don't do it as much as I should). Going to try to find a therapy swimming group here, in hopes that helps (since everyone has been recommending that)...


ericahogan - May 16

I agree with you, not sure if it is the meds (Cymbalta) or what. I have tried changing my diet, I go to the gym (Ladies Workout Express) sometimes 3x/wk and do at least 30 minutes of Circuit Training. It took 5 months to loose 7 pounds and then I gain some back again.
Very Frustated.


axxie - May 17

I hear you also, I think it has something to do with our metabolism that is slowing, so no matter what you eat, or not eat, you will gain. Best remedy is to eat 6 mini meals a day. Yes, you read it right, go for the wholesome food, take your supplements, and eat your mini meals. It has to be packed with vegetables, meat, fruits and your vitamins.

As for Cymbalta, I lost a little weight off, and I was able to loose another 10 lbs, by eating mini meals. (Mini meals are half of what you would eat a regular meal). The thing is, water is needed to get ride of the sludge, the vitamins help you boost your energy and your meals sustain you. Ah, last thing, no alcohol, no wine except for red one glass easy does it, no soda's, no sugar, no artificial anything. And lastly one a day vitamin, please B100 or B50's vitamins, twice a day. That means take one with breakfast, and one at 2p.m. and no later than that. No milk, juice, except fruit juice that have nothing added to it.

Yes, you will think, that if you eat more, you'll gain, on the contrary you will loose, because you are giving your body nutrition to function. That is why it's important to eat delicious, simple meals that have a little of the food groups.

I just walk 20 minutes a day, very slowly and I still lost weight.


belle1329 - May 20

I hear ya, I have gained 8lbs in 4weeks and I started exercising 2x's a week, its very depressing , the past year I have gained 30lbs and I am not on any medication and I do not eat any more than I used to! Muscles feel very heavy , I feel like Im on steroids, never took them but I feel so swollen and thats what I hear they do.I feel bloated and my clothes are tight! I do feel less pain after exercise, but why am I gaining weight? I also read that lack of sleep cauese you to gain. Its an uphill climb and feels like a loosing battle, we all have to hang in there!!! :-(


sikntird - June 5

I tried water thrapy,but got no results. Later learned water must be very, very warm or body won't respond. Couldn't find any physical therapy pools warm enough. I've dealt w/fibro for 20 yrs. I used to be thin. I'm 30 lbs overweight. Last summer lost it all. But, fibro pain is worse, so hard to move. Forget exercse. I gained it all back. I'm menopausal & wonder if its reason for more bad days than good. I don't make plans anymore. I take one day at a time.


jerrybaby - June 8

What meds are you taking?



great side effect of the Savella is "loss of appetite" and "weight loss" lets hope. I too was unable to loose any weight at all...until I got news from my GP that I was borderline diabetic and my HDL was half what is should be and my triglycerides were extremly high. this sent me to WW and I cut out all white starches. now all bread products are whole grain high fiber, all snacks are the same and lots of fruits and veges and brown rice. in one months time with no exercise i have lost 6.4 lbs...yeah!!!!



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