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Newly Diagnosed
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hiborox - April 17

I love hearing from all of you about your days! I was busy yesterday, sorry I didn't get a chance to post. I was taking all the advantage I could of my miraculous semi-normal feeling day! I went to the gym and did little elliptical and swam some, rewarded myself with a quick dip in the hot tub after. I didn't push it too hard. I was surprised I wasn't more sore this morning. I want to walk every day at the very least, but today I'm not feeling it. Way too tired. I'm in nursing school full time, and also work a part time job. I did those back to back today, and I'm wiped out. I've used up every last bit of energy. I can't even stand to think about getting out of bed just to get in the shower later. Sigh. I worry about my career choice, but I push through the fibro as best as I can. So far I've been a fighter. I sat outside for a long time yesterday, I listened to my music, and watched nature. I thought about things for a long time, and I know that I can get through this as normally as I can manage. I've had a hard time accepting this at the age of 20, as you guys know. But Everything happens for a reason, and I have already spread lots of knowledge about fibro. I feel that it will make me a better nurse, even if I have my hard days with pain and fatigue on the job. Well, I need to go think about getting out of bed long enough to make some food, and eventually shower, ugh.

Thank you all so much for sharing with me! It makes me feel so much better knowing im not alone in this.

Take care, xoxo


t3apps - April 19

The harder the day has been, the stronger the pull to come visit the forums and remember that you aren't alone in your struggles. My internal medicine doc still doesn't have any suggestions for my latest illness - extreme vertigo - and his referral to an ear, nose and throat specialist got me an appointment - June 21! It seems that anytime I start to think we (myself and my rheumatologist, internal medicine, hemotologist, dermatologist, etc.) have managed to get control of something, a new symptom appears and knocks me for a loop.

I discovered last week after my initial vertigo attack that if I stay home and do nothing all day, I can sleep 4-6 hours instead of 2-3 hours at a time, and I'm still exhausted at night. However, when I tried to add something to the day - grocery shopping, laundry - I not only felt worse during the day, I slept for no more then 1.5 hours at a time.

Now I can add an annoyed manager at work to my list of issues. I'm going to try to force myself to go into work on Thursday for at least a few hours so that I can talk to my manager, and possibly his manager, about options.

Okay, I'm finished fussing for the night [grin]. Hope everyone had a better Wednesday then I did...



hiborox - April 19

I had a feeling I was headed for a bad day. Last night after I got offline, I had a severe migraine. That affected my sleep last night, leaving me worn out today. I left class early today and crawled into bed and slept...I'm really not doing well with the walking every day thing...I've skipped two days. I just can't find the motivation while feeling so badly ever day. It was a rainy, chilly day today. I feel like when the weather is like today's I am absolutely useless. I am so much more fatigued. I just can't win though, I mean hot sunny days leave me useless too. All I want to do is sleep now. I have to study for an exam tomorrow morning. Somehow with all my fatigue and lack of motivation I still manage to push myself to make straight A's in nursing school, and be a Phi Theta Kappa member. My options here for tonight are: Study nursing diagnosis, or curl up under my covers and sleep. I know what I would like to do, and I know what I will be doing. I'll be good. I can't skip another walk and not at least do my studying. :) I hope you all had good days.

Talk to you soon!



hiborox - April 19


I know what you mean about the vertigo. I have luckily not suffered from it in awhile, but still if I stand on a ladder, or even look up too fast I will experience it. It is the worst. :( Lately I've had a lot of problem with head rushes when I stand or sit up. Ugh. I've even had them so bad that I fall to the floor.

I wish you the best, love. I hope you start feeling better soon!


Jocelyn - April 19


I understand about your not feeling you can work every day and feel well. I have had to stop walking for two days because I couldn't sleep at night because of the pain in one foot, on leg, and my pillow hurt my face. I went to my PT and he massaged my muscles with the roller stick and it was so painful, but releases the pain. I am going to try doing this more often. It is like having a muscle massage, but you are doing it yourself. If you can get someone to help it works even better. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't leave you pain free, it just helps release some pain.

Be well


nikita3 - April 19

Jocelyn, I do live in Australia and a couple of streets back from the beach which makes the dog walking a lot easier. Seta can run free on the beach and she often will find other dogs to have a play or a chase with.

I got Seta from an animal rescue shelter when she was 12 months old (now 19 months). In looking up tri-colour Kelpies you'll find there are a few different colour variations. Seta is black and tan with a bit of white as well. There are also tri-colour Kelpies that are brown or fawn.

I'm pretty sure Seta used to be on a farm as she knows a lot of herding manoeuvres and movements which are quite interesting. She tries them out on me and my partner and never lets either of us stray too far ahead or too far behind :) She also is really good with voice commands. Anyway, like you said, it's really nice to be able to read about our daily activites with our dogs, pets, and something other than the pains.


Jocelyn - April 19


How awesome you live in Australia and that you live near the beach! I live about 30 minutes from the beach in the United States so we only go periodically. So...I swim with my dog in my pool. He is my pool buddy and we have so much fun because I am not in pain while in water.

It is so nice that you rescued your dog. When I was well, I used to volunteer my services to the animal rescue shelter near my home. It is so rewarding. You dog sounds beautiful. It is the same with the German Shepherds, they come in all variations of color. My daughter owns the sister to my dog and they have similar coloring, but her female is darker than my male. They are both characters and they both swim. When they swim with us together they get jealous if one comes near the wrong mother. It is so funny to see them in the water bickering like little kids. They make us laugh. One day while in the shallow end of the pool I saw my dog trying to get his ball, which was circling him because the filter was running and the jets were moving it around. He looked like a ballerina as he turned himself around and around until he caught his ball. I couldn't understand how he managed to do that, so the next time it happened, I looked under water. Well...he is so big that he found out in the four foot part of the water his feet could touch the bottom of the pool and he just danced around on his feet until he got his ball. I laughed so much. Dogs are smart, people don't give them enough credit.

How you feel as well as you can today. I have a doctors appointment and took the day out of work. I am going to take my dog for a walk if I can muster up the energy, my legs are still killing me. I just have to keep going.

Take care and be well, thanks for sharing too!



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