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Newly Diagnosed Fibromyalgia
2 Replies
FARMER1870 - April 29

Hi Everyone,

This is my first time here on this Fibromlyalgia Support group. I just joined today.

After I got injured the doctors eventually gave up on me a couple of months later and decided to send me to a pain management doctor when they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. This made me angry, because I felt they were giving up on me. Finally, I went to see the pain management doctor and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. because I had severe pain on many of the points in order to reach this diagnosis. It was also, confirmed by a second pain management doctor as well, but he said it was Post Traumatic
Fibromyalgia. When, I asked what was the difference, he told me it surfaced after my trauma of my work injury. It has been a painful journey. When I saw my pain management doctor last week, I asked once I get to as good as I can get, can the severe pain come back and if this was a lifelong problem and he said, yes. I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia since October 09 and still have not totally recovered. What concerns me is once I get as good as I can get, how often can this reoccur? and how long will the next time last? It really scares me, because this condition has caused me severe pain, stress, anxiety, depression to name a few. I am a nurse and wondering if I could ever go back to doing my job, because I know for a fact I couldn't be a safe nurse taking the medications I am currently on and no job would give me that much time off when the fibromyalgia decides to give me severe pain again. Is it possible to go back to doing any type of job? Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Everyone.


kentucky girl - April 29

Welcome to the forum. I'm also new. Unfortunately the pain can come back, usually without warning. Most people with FM refer to these episodes as flares. There is no telling how long a flare lasts, it varies from person to person. I have had periods of a few days to a few months. Luckily I'm retired so I don't have to worry about whether I will feel like working or not. On my good days, I make the most of that time. Conversely, on the bad days, I do very little. You really have to be in tune with your body and do what you feel like doing.

I share your frustration about your doctor giving up on you. Most sufferers have seen numerous doctors and secialists before they are diagnosed. I have not seen a pain management doctor, but have seen my PCP and a rheumatologist. My advice is to find a doctor that you have confidence in and who is willing to work with you to find the best pain relief possible. My PCP turned out to be the one that I find most willing to work with me and try different things.

I hope you find a doctor who is willing to work with you as often as necessary to relieve your symptoms.

I think you will find a lot of good information on the forum.

Hang in there. You will eventually find what works for you.


FARMER1870 - April 30

Hi Kentucky Girl,

Thanks for welcoming me to the forum. The Pain management doctor I have now has gotten my pain pretty much under control,but I still have some days that are worse and I am required to rest more and take more pain medication. When I was down to 5 days of Savella (for Fibromyalgia) , I tried to get the prescription refilled, but work comp insurance refused to pay for it. I didn't remember that this medication is not to be stopped abruptly, so I went through terrible withdrawals. I had to go to the ER because my moods were all over the place and I began to panic. Lucky for me after I saw my doctor he was able to send me some samples to last me for a couple of months. I am very grateful for that, but since the withdrawal, I haven't been the same. On my last visit with my doctor, I told him before I went through the withdrawal, I was trying as often as possible to cut down to two pain pills a day instead of four and was about to try going without the Xanex during the day, but now I feel I can't do this anymore. Also, I have a knee injury and the MRI was inconclusive, so I'm doing physical therapy, but I almost done with that. What I don't understand is how can I still have swelling when I have done next to nothing for the last 6 months. This injury just adds more fuel to the fire, especially that I am already dealing with Fibromyalgia. Thanks for your advice and the information.I kind of figured that the pain could flare up without warning, but I didn't know the flare up could last in length so different from person to person. This year I will be 49. Do you think it will be possible to do my job as a nurse or any job for that matter until retirement age? What do you think?



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