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Newbie - just diagnosed - Australia
16 Replies
oakey - August 29

Hi there - just diagnosed after 18 months of doctors etc etc etc. Just found this site, and will probably be sitting here all night reading the posts.

Just wondered if there are any Aussies here? I'm in Victoria and would love to here from any?



Gavin - October 30

Julie, I am a 37 yo male diagnosed with FM for 5 years living in Melb Vic if you are looking for local resources.


Wycklochness - November 7

Hi Julie

Yes another Victorian. I live in the bush about 3 hours out of Melbourne. It would be nice to share resources and information. Cheers


Filipa - November 27

I am in the same boat but in Sydney, just been diagnosed and just found this forum. I emailed arthritis nsw and the me association in nsw and they still havent got back to me! It seems that each state has an arthritis group which have some links with Fibro info, may be worth checking out the one in Vic and hopefully they'll get back to you! Good luck!


kathymitchell - January 10

Filipa - I am based in Sydney also and can't seem to find any support groups - how did you go. Maybe we could chat?

I've just been diagnosed with FMS. I've just purchased a book entitled "The Fibromyalgia Handbook - A 7-Step Program to Halt and Even Reverse Fibromyalgia" by Harris H. McIlwain MD and Debra Fulghum Bruce, Ph.D, which I've found very interesting.


kathymitchell - January 10

Filipa - I am based in Sydney also and can't seem to find any support groups - how did you go. Maybe we could chat? Regards


Tamsta - September 20

Hi, my name is Tammy, i just moved from melbourne to sydney and would love to chat with someone. Just let me know. Thanks and wishing you all the best. Wish i could take my own advice sometimes, im feeling very low and not coping. Im 29, mother of 2. Cheers


amorvida - April 21

Hi Julie I am Sue 48 yo Bus Driver from South West Sydney finding it very hard to find support groups or anyone to speak to about this cripling condition have been in pain for 20 years with a curved spine been to see a lot of doctors only just got a conformation that I have FMS just applied for disabled parking permit it helps a little there is a FMS awareness day on the 12/05/11 at Wollongong
Best Regards


January - April 21

Hello amorvida (nice tag!) Welcome to the club. And so sorry to hear that on top of your back miseries, you have FMS to deal with. There are many stories and different approaches on this wonderful site, so I'm sure you can find someone to connect with.

As you have such longstanding back problems, you are no stranger to coping with pain. I also have very painful back issues that have gotten worse as I get older. That pain is always there.

For me, a strict gluten free diet and some supplements helped a lot with the fibro symptoms. I did NOT do well on the antidepressants, so have had to find other more natural approaches - and I think now I am more on top of the fibromyalgia. But I have had to be very proactive and educate myself, as the doctors don't know about these other approaches - or won't pay any attention to them. I experiment on myself, and so I've found things that work for my body. We are all so different.

Sometimes fibro is found in families (maybe a genetic component?) - do you have any relatives with fibro?? Anyway, hope you are having a decent day, and hope to see you on the site.


amorvida - April 22

Thank You it means lovelife.

I think you could be right about FMS being gentic my mother suffered for years with pain she had a lot of medical problems a pin in her hip due to a broken hip when she was a child High blood pressure Weight problems.

Best Wishes


January - April 22

Yes! My great-grandpa was named "Amor." Unusual. Anyway, I think fibro ran in my family for several generations - but they called it "rheumatism." I had lots of illnesses - and injuries - that set it off.

I think FMS syndrome can be set off by years of struggling with chronic pain. It gets to be a vicious circle. Are you getting some treatment that is helping you since you got the diagnosis?

What are you all doing for FMS awareness day down under?? I hope it goes well here in the US, though I haven't heard much about it, except learned of it from Fantod's post. It's so frustrating that nobody really understands this illness unless they have it.

Hope you're having a good day.


lacey - April 23

Hi all you Aussies. I live up near newcastle and in the same boat as the rest of you.

We shall have to start our own support group/ thread right here.


amorvida - April 23

Hi There- it is a little hard for me to get treatments I used to go to a chiro for about 10 years but the treatments didn't help much cant take pain killers I drive buses to many side affects they make me to tired and I get drug tested.
I have hot baths and use hot water bottles they help a bit.
I emailed a local TV show to suggest a story about FMS but they haven't got back to me yet.
Hope every one is having a good easter
Best Wishes


January - April 23

amorvida - you must hurt like h*$&. I just got myself some DMSO. I have been reading up on its use in arthritis, sprains, pain and many other things. It is discouraged by mainstream medicine because you can't patent it, but it's been around since the 1800s.

Anyway, I have a really painful shoulder that has responded only a little to different supplements I've tried. I've been using the DMSO for 4 days, and my range of motion and pain level is a LOT better. I don't know if this is something that can be used for fibro, but I am going to try it on myself - and then write more about it.

I hope the TV show gets back to you! Happy Easter back at you!


Pikespeak - April 24

Hi Amorvida!

As January knows from another post of mine, I found great back relief and spinal articulation from a gentle form of stretching called, Awareness Through Movement. It was created/discovered by Moshe Feldenkrais. It's also known as Feldenkrais. It works by giving you greater range of motion using more of your body/mind to dicovering what is possible. You can download lessons for free off of iTunes or watch some lessons on YouTube. It doesn't solve things, but it sure makes life better! Happy Easter!


alig - May 25

Hi all i am from Tassie and just dignosed after a few years of symptoms and at the moment i am struggling the cold weather and rain is killing me and on top of all that i think i am coming down with the flu.

I find it hard to explain to people what i have and for them to understand i feel they think i am making the pain up


January - May 25

Hi alig! We understand your pain…

This is a good website with a lot of good ideas about helping yourself feel better. If you are getting the flu, have you ever heard of oscillococcinum? Really works for me, but you have to take it right away. It's a homeopathic medicine you can get at health stores. Take care of yourself!



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