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new to "support" groups but, not to severe pain
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lisatwilli - January 6

I'm new to "support" groups but, not to severe pain. I've had Fibro for a very long time but, was only diagnosed 2 yrs ago. I've been on many different medications and none of them seem to help for any length of time. I feel like a "druggy" :( either the side effects are too much for me or my body builds up an immunity so fast that I only have relief for maybe a month. I am now trying acupuncture (which helps sometimes and sometimes makes it worse). There's "no way" I can exercise....I can hardly walk to the bathroom lol I am trying not to get discouraged but, I'm finding it harder and harder. My family has listened to me "whine" for so long that they either don't listen or maybe they just don't care anymore. Either way I need support. I'm not looking for a "pity party" just would like to communicate with people who understand. Maybe make a new friend. Thanks for listening. Lisa


belle1329 - January 6

Hi Lisatwilli, Welcome,
We all feel your pain here, and we all are very good listeners. We are all here for the same reason :-). I dont take any pain meds, I dont like the feeling drugs give me. Ive been diagonosed for 2 yrs now. Some days are good , some days are bad, and some days are very very bad, but I do feel I am feeling better then some of us here and very thankful for that :-)My family and friends dont really understand either :(, you are not alone .... Im listening :)


stephanyb11 - January 18

i completely understand!!! my family has been good a listening to my whining also but they simply do not understand like fellow sufferers do...i am new to this support group thing also and i would love to make some friends as well!!! i have had FMS since i was 17 but was diagnosed when i was 21, i am now 29 and still in pain...unlike belle i have to have the pain meds to get through my day, i simply can not function without them. everybody is different when it comes to the pain, and the pain management..please take care and i am always have an open ear!!! take care lisa
your fibro friend, Stephany :)


sweater - January 19

hi my name is sandra i am 38 yrs old. i,ve had fibro symptoms since i was 13,i was diagnosed 8 years ago.i am taking meds to get me through the day also but they,re not that helpful only found this site last night, i think its great that we can actually share our feelings with each other & know people are listening to us & actually understanding what we,re going close family are understanding but like lisa said they dont know what we,re really going through.i also just want to communicate with people & maybe make some new friends who understand me. thanks to you all xx


axxie - January 26

Hey Sandra, welcome to our site, now yours too. Yep, we support each other and like you and everyone else, my family has been hearing my whine but they really don't know what I'm going through. I don't have much pain pills, I'm on cymbalta and trazadone to sleep. I have my moments were I need to vent, and I have my moments where things go well. I've had fibro for a long time, but it never bothered me, until a few years ago. I'm 52 and work three days a week with a one day of rest in between. That's about what I can do. But I'm begining that I won't be able to do for long. The thing is I enjoy getting out of the house. Sometimes it's hard, just getting up and putting clothes on, but by the time I'm at work, I'm happy that I was able to accomplish the waking up, the car ride into work, I'm slower then most doing work, but the place I work are wonderful, they really only give me jobs that I can take my time to do. So it's nice.

There's not much out there in pain pills I haven't tried and like you, I get either addicted to them real fast, or I get used to them real fast. I can tell if I'm going to get addicted, so I just pitch them back to the pharmacy and tell them not for me, I'll get addicted way too fast. How did I get addicted, from taking too many of them, I am so afraid of getting addicted to the pain pills that I don't even want to try them anymore. They say that your treshold of pain is dedicated to you from birth. Mine was very good, but now, it's not.

We all understand and we all pitch him and give each other a hand up and gentle hugs....

This is the site to rant and rave and be miserable or be nice, whichever you pick that day someone is going to be nice to you and offer you a little advice.

I'm also a Sandra, but I go by Sandrivers


ptalana - January 26

Hi Lisa, welcome to our fibro family.

This is the place you can come to and be totally honest about how you're feeling, no fear, no judgement. Rant, rave, laugh, cry, we're all in this together.

I too take meds for the pain, just couldn't do anything without them. While I've only had Fms for four years now (feels like forty) it has indeed turned my life upside down.

I do a very mild form of pilates 20 mins five x a week when I'm able. But I do have to take my meds before starting. And I do fight my vertigo all through these 20 mins. I do know that I feel better about myself after making it through my pilates.

I'm so glad you found us Lisa. I look forward to getting to know you. Support, guidance, and love are never a shortage on this forum.

Hope to talk to you soon, Patty:)


canadacalling - February 7


Does anyone have to cope with dizzyness, and a feeling that you are walking in a crazy wavy way?

Thanks for the listening time. I would hope to hear from the Ontario group that write on these things alot, like Fantod, Azzie, etc,


Canada17 - February 7

Welcome to the group, Lisa. You will find a plethora of helpful information here. Not only in the forum but also in the blue boxes on the left side of the screen.

It can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that we may be dependent on drugs to get us through the day. But, dependency does not mean addiction and there is no point in making yourself suffer needlessly.

I do not take any conventional pain medications expect for Naproxyn; and only when I absolutely need it. However, I do take the very controversial marijuana for pain. I am in the process of obtaining a medicinal marijuana license; I don't smoke it, I ingest it. I don't have any side effects except for pain reduction. I can still go to work and function everyday. Whereas any pharmaceutical I have taken has resulted in crazy bad side effects or allergic reactions. I even tried Cesamet (Nabilone), the synthetic version of marijuan; it did not agree with me and did not provide the same pain relief.

Don't feel like a druggy, please. You are not. There will always be people who don't understand the role these medications play in your pain management. There will always be people who don't even understand your pain. But, you will always be able to find someone to listen and give you advice when you come to this forum.

Take care.


jrzgirl - February 8

Welcome Lisa, I am also new here but I have no diagnoisis yet. I know what it feels like to have the people in your life "not understand" and the doctor's too. I am not sure but out of all the research I have done, it sounds like I might have fibro. and Raynauds. I see the Dr. on March 5th.
You have many caring and understanding friends here
soft hugs to you


rozsue2 - February 9

Hi Lisa,
You are amongst friends here! I have never posted either...been diagnosed with Fibro for 8 years...just got off ALL meds except to sleep...the side effects were just too my family informed me! Although in pain 24/7 now...over the counter stuff just doesn't seem to do the trick! But I have been excercising, just walking, and stretching, it helps my muscles, and I have lost a lot of weight...also, I eliminated sugar from my diet, and try to stick with fish, veggies, and some fruit. It's difficult for other people to understand what we go through each day....and family, well they love you and don't want to c u in pain...I suffer in people don't want to hear any bad things, that's what this type of forum is for.....I hope you are having an o.k. day.....I have been looking for something like this myself....Don't know if any of this helped, but I hope so! Susan



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