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redfairiegyrl - July 15

Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking for awhile. Went to the doctor on tuesday because I couldn't stand teh pain anymore and needed something to be done. He of course said..All your labs are fine, we've tested you for everything it must be Fibro, here is a Rx for cymbalta start at 30mg for a week and if that tolerates well go up to 60mg. Was that an official diagnosis? Wouldn't they want me to see a Rheumatologist? I've missed tons of work this year because I hurt constantly, i'm dizzy, i sweat and have hot flashes, I'm tired even if i sleep for 8 hours, I feel dumb most days and in a daze. It's like someone lives inside my skin and pokes me with hot pokers and tingly things..i can't stand it...or it feels as if my legs are being squeezed in a vice. I seriously can't take it anymore. I haven't been given any pain meds and I typically hate taking them but I would kill for one right now.

I went on the FMA board and found a recommended Doctor in my area and have an appt scheduled for August, might get fired if I go but what can I do? I applied for FMLA through my psychiatrist and they approved it only for 30 days, getting her to fill out the paperwork was ridicilous. it's like nobody is listening to me when I say, i'm not OK, everything hurts all the time, i feel like i have the flu constantly and it's not being depressed, I know what that is...this IS NOT THAT..for over a year now i've been tested and poked and proded and nobody understands. I like being active, I don't like wanting to be sleeping all the time. Has anyone had any experience applying for FMLA and having Fibro?

thanks for letting me vent...i'm feeling alone and nuts...


Stacey373 - July 16

Hi redfairiegyrl!I just wanted to tell you how I was diagnosed with fibro...
I had been seeing my doctor for a couple of years. It was mostly for bad headaches and I didn't want to bring up the other symptoms cuz I didn't want her to think I was a hypochondriac. And I figured I would deal with one thing at a time, starting with the headaches first.
I have a friend whose Mom has Fibro and we started realizing that her and I had the EXACT same sypmtoms. So I started researching Fibromyalgia on the internet. I took the research to my doctor, she read through it all, agreed with me that I had it, and I was instantly diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Just like that! She also did a blood test to make sure I had a vitamin D deficiency, which I did have. (I guess one of the only tests that can be done is that one and most FMS people have a Vitamin D deficiency)

She wanted to send me to see a Rheumy doctor, but I couldn't afford to see more doctors and have more tests done (I had also just spent the last couple of years having her test me for everything under the sun!) So I asked her if it was a necessity to see the specialist and she said No, he would just confirm the diagnosis and that was it. So I chose not to see him and to just have my regular doctor handle my care. which, by the way, she's not even a "real" doctor, she's a Nurse Practitioner! (I've been to A LOT of doctors and she's the best one EVER!) sound sort of like you don't quite believe this diagnosis because more wasn't done to confirm it.(I may be way off, just let me know if I am! LOL) I know personally, I felt the same way at first. It was like "That's it? That's all you're going to do and now I have this horrible disease for the rest of my life?!?" I know for me, it was pretty hard to deal with and accept it for a very long time. Even though I was relieved to finally find out what was wrong with me and it actually had a "name" (instead of being called depression or everyone thinking this was all in my head)

I don't know...Maybe I should have seen the specialist and for awhile I thought my doctor wasn't helping me with this at all. But now I'm glad that I'm seeing her and that she's the one and only doctor I have to deal with.

I'm sure you can ask for a referral to see a specialist if you really want to see one (if you haven't already) And I'm no expert, but it sounds like you may also be dealing with some other conditions than just Fibro. You can research the "Asscociated Conditions" in the boxes on the left side of this screen and see if you are dealing with more and than you can discuss that with your doctor or the specialist. It turned out with me, that the hot flashes and sweats were actually dysmennorhea and I'm also possibly dealing with "Early menopause" symptoms. (I'm only 37 years old)

Also, I'm not sure what FMLA is, so I can't answer that question! maybe you can explain?

Take care of yourself and Don't give up! It sounds like you are being "pro-active" and that's all you really can do. You're welcome to vent anytime and I hope, now that you've found this forum, you don't feel alone anymore. Stacey :o)



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