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cherylbme - November 21

Only 48 feeling much older and can't take the pain anymore. I have had fibro for 8years now, and was just told I have degen. arthritis.


Keturah - November 23

Hi Cherylbme,

Sorry to hear of your recent you have a good doctor or specialist. How about a local support group....please know that there are others that are in the same boat and we can be here for you..Ket


taykalhogs - December 21

Hi cherylbme, I've had fibro for 7 years and I'm 46 and feel 100. I also was just diagnosed with degenerative joint disease in my hips and degenerative disk disease in my neck. All of this was diagnosed after I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation and had to have brain surgery. Now my doctor just diagnosed me with kyphosis in my neck which means my neck is curving the wrong way and I'm looking at a rod to be placed in my neck which I really don't want but if it helps with the pain, I guess I'll do it. Do you have a lot of pain all the time? what do you take for it if you do. Does exercise or any physical activity make you feel worse or better? Sorry I went on about myself when I'm supposed to be making you feel better.


Wiccad - December 24

Hi there. I can certainly understand your situation. Back in 2001 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Went through a battery of tests and x-rays and meds. Then in 2003 I was diagnosed with FM and no docs seemed to be too concerened with that, they were more concerened with the RA. So all the meds they were giving me were actually making my FM worse. So I dumped the RA meds and am now focusing on the FM. And even though I have not had a great deal of success yet I feel better knowing that I took the reins and am trying to find meds that work for me. The RA is progressively getting worse and twisting my joints but the pain is nothing compared to the FM pain. So really pick your poison and go with what you think is best for you. Good luck and keep us informed.


Awesome1 - December 30

So sad you have to go through this ailment. I'm not so far behind age wise, but I am glad to know what the cause is and what the solution is.

I just keep shaking my head because I did have that for a long time, and didn't have to "make friends" with any doctors but with the scientist who explained that this natural medication is all we need.

Think about it. What would you prefer? 'Pick your poison and go with what you think is best for you' or be open-minded with what I am suggesting.

I am on a crusade to have people adjust their mindset by having them take advantage of this natural med that's already pharmaceutically graded.

Most importantly is the need for your RA doctor to prescribe this med instead of the drugs. In California, there is only a handful of doctors it, and positive results are coming out left and right. Realize that where FM is, there will RA be as well. By stopping the cause of FM, you will also stop RA, etc., etc.

So, go ahead and google search GlyRite and see what it reveals.


Canada17 - January 1

First, let us be clear that Mirac and GlyRite are not medications and “Mirac is exempt from FDA approval under the Dietary Supplements Health Education Act of 1994 (“DSHEA”). Mirac does meet all the requirements under DSHEA.” That is a quote directly from the Mirac website.

I don’t know about other Fibromyalgia (FMS) sufferers on here but I know that I don’t “make friends” with my doctors, or any scientists for that matter. My health is too important. I trust my doctors’ advice, however, we all need to do our own research and keep a watchful eye of any new side effects that could be caused by new treatments. Treating a doctor as a friend puts a blind faith in their ability to provide us with care that will not cause us harm. For all the education doctors have, and for all the good they do for us, we cannot overlook the fact that they only know what is common, unless they are a specialist, and even specialists don’t know everything. FMS is such an awesome disease that they cannot accurately predict how one patient will react to a medication/treatment over another; there is still too little known about it.

I often write about refraining from prescription medications whenever possible as it is important for us to determine if there are environmental and/or dietary influences to our pain. If we can figure those out we can help to mitigate our pain and other symptoms and thus require less of a medication or none at all. But to say, “Pick your poison and go with what you think is best for you' or be open-minded with what I am suggesting” is incredibly faulty logic. Consider the fact that green tea has many health benefits; it is used religiously in many cultures. However, there are many people, including myself, who have a nasty side effect – increased blood pressure and heart palpitations. For all the good green tea has, it is poison to me. And contrary to what you may believe, a great many of us knew what was best for us before any of our doctors figured it out.

You say you are on a “crusade” to have us all adjust out mindset. Perhaps it is you who requires an adjustment though. Are you the new FMS messiah sent here to deliver us from our pain? What gives you the right to dangerously promote a supplement as a cure to FMS? You write more like an advertising agent than a patient. I say dangerously because there is no prescription requirement. I can order this supplement right now with a credit card if I so desired. If I was foolish, that is what I would do, even the website promotes this supplement well for relief of FMS pain and symptoms. However, I would be hard pressed to believe that there would be no complication with my current regimen and would need to discuss it with my doctor. Given the simple fact that I have FM I cannot trust anyone who tells me that anything is safe for me to take.

You wrote: “Realize that where FM is, there will RA be as well.” Where exactly did you form that conclusion? It is wrong. While it may be common, it is not absolute.

Realize that where there is FM, there will exceptions be as well. No two FM patients are the same.

This website is not the place for vigorous and aggressive promotion of a “miracle” cure.


moose934 - January 9

I have fibromyalgia for a few years now but only diagnosed with it about a year and half ago. My question is has anyone experienced sudden sleep come oon. I am a teacher and while writing on my whiteboard and talking to the kids l fall asleep against the board. It only last a few seconds but enough for them to notice. It has happened while reading aloud to them when in the middle of a sentence and today while standing by my desk. My legs buckeled like a new born calf. It scares me because it could happen when l am driving. So has anyone else had this or knows if it is something else? Thanks for reading and l hope someone can help...thanks


canadacalling - February 7

I am also new here, and do not know how to post a new question to everyone. This must be very simple. Can someone give me a hand...., then I can respond.


letmework - January 18

I couldn't help but replying when I read your post. Have you ever heard of "narcolepsy"? It is possible that it is an inherited condition, or that your genetics predispose you to this condition. I have several relatives with this condition, some are siblings, and some are cousins. I hope you get some help with this, I have an uncle who did suffer an episode of narcolepsy while driving and did have an accident. Good luck!



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