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New Here ~ LOVE this Group!
2 Replies
Razzilou - May 14

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick post to say I'm so glad to find this forum where we are all coping ~ sometimes rising, sometimes falling down ~ with FM and where there are real voices of wisdom and hope.

I was dx'd almost ten years ago by a wise PC doc who helped me begin the journey without shame. I'm now dealing with RA & Lupus as well ~ and tho' my life has changed enormously living with these illnesses, I do greet every day with real gratitude for what I'm able to discover that is good and hopeful and beautiful in the world around me and I just refuse to let illness "have me", even if I "have it".

I'm no Pollyanna ~ I have terrible days and long stretches of difficulty . . .but I've just gone back to work (retired fm. teaching Creative Writing to at-risk Arts students) ~ this time part-time in my beloved yarn store (I took up knitting when I couldn't play cello or work much in my organic garden anymore) . . . and I'm starting a trial this week on Savella (Ixel), just released in the U.S. after great success in Europe & Australia treating FM pain & depression.

I may not be able to post regularly, but I'll be here when I can to offer thanks and encouragement . . .

Best to you all, Razzilou Annapolis, Md.


axxie - May 21

Hello Razzilou

Can you post on Savella, it's a new drug and most of us are all very impatient to find out if this drug is promising.

I have stopped working and this year after two years I was able to work in my garden, I'm not putting as much time but being back as helped me.

I would like to return to work and was toying with returning, I'm feeling good and have more energy thanks to the vit B12 that my doctor shoots me with every week.

I still get symptoms and I just try to meditate to get me to relax.

Like I said, keep us posted on this new drug and welcome to the post. Where we share our experiences the good and the bad.


Sonja44 - May 29

Welcome to this safe place to vent, cry, laugh, and share.



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