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new here but old to fibro.
3 Replies
swttee4u - November 24

hello my fellow fibro suffers. i've been dealing with this since i was 10yrs old and i'm 36 now. back then it wasn't a name for it so they tell me what they tell everybody else, that i had rhumetoid arthuritis. when i was 20 and just had a new baby i encountered my first of many spasm and i was told i was going to be wheelchair bound. i found a great doctor that knew excatly what i was going through! every time i turn around fibro is connected with something else. the pain is unbearable, the sleep is crazy and the anxiety drives me crazy. i'm just glad i found this website that i can talk to people just like me. if u have any questions i have no problem answering or just to talk about it. i've been through every fibro related illness and still going through it. it's just crazy how it affects every part of your body. i've had mri's, catscans, eccgs, ekg's and blood work. fibro has an agenda all of it's own. cause the test always comes up negative and i know i'm the only one with that problem.


Canada17 - November 24

I feel just like you. I have almost every common "symptom" and a few new ones.

I love this site too because I really don't feel alone. I like that I can post a quick thread and find out if it's just me or if others have been experiencing the same thing.

I also like that my suffering can help someone else out who either didn't know it was connected to their Fibro, or was ashamed/scared to share it.

Welcome to the group.


Fantod - November 24

swttee4u - Welcome to the forum! I think you'll find some good information as well as some good people here.


axxie - November 24

Welcome and happy to have you onboard. I know what you mean about fibro having it's on little agenda. There are some days, you do feel like you are alone feeling the symptoms, I'm happy to know that we are not alone. We just have to keep writing about it, and eventually collectively we will find some answers. Glad to know you have experience.



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