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new here and definitly need some reassurance
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penthesilea17 - June 20

my name is Molly im 17 and what i consider to be a picture perfect daughter. :-) im top ten have a good job involved in a lot of extracrics. etc. but its been falling apart lately.
i can't sleep at night, i am having some extreme panic attacks, i had two big ones and two smaller ones over the course of 48 hours, one i was sittign in the movie theater with my best friends and the other i was reading one of my favorite books. i cant find any common thread. and i'm pretty sure that i have developed depression. maybe over the fact that im not in my home (its being completly redone) or that im most likely going to have to have another quite intense knee surgery right before my senior year.
in addition to all of that i have to deal with the pesky physical pain each and every day.
i will have an appointment with a fms 'home' in a couple of weeks but i need some sort of reassurance that i am indeed sane


hoppy - June 20

Hi Molly; it sounds as if you have a lot going in yr life right now. Try to find the common thread that might relate to your panic attacks. There is obviously a trigger there somewhere and it sounds as if everything is chaotic for the moment. Re: the knee surgery, you will probably be back to normal in no time and it will be a memory...Its no wonder you are depressed but some of these things will disappear when your life gets back to normal. You have a whole, wonderful life ahead of you and Im sure things will get better with time. Please know that there are people within this support group that care about you. Let me know how you are doing. Just relax, take some deep breaths and try to find humor in any situation.
Regards, Kay


penthesilea17 - June 21

thanks hoppy
the day started out bad but has gotten steadily better. i think i just need to write it out, listen to some very very loud music anything to distract me i cant wait until all the stress dissappears which i hope it will


hoppy - June 21

Hey Molly, take it one day at a time and things will sort out for you. Yes music is definitely a healing thing. I know it helps me a lot....The stress will DEFINITELY disappear one of these days; hopefully sooner than later. Take it from one who knows.....Take care, remember, deep breaths. Regards, hoppy


soohoschunsa - June 30

Hi Molly,

Stress will definitely make the fibro worse and cause panic attacks. Try to de-stress as much as possible. When you feel it coming, try to lay down or find a comfortable position and totally empty your mind. A lot of members have mentioned yoga and meditation. These are good tips. Also there are stress management workbooks that are great. I have some voice clips of a dr using imaging techniques and muscle release techniques that teach you how to de-stress really fast and avoid freaking out. You sound like an amazing young woman and don't forget that. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are just human and you have to take care of yourself first. Good luck,



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