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new drug Savella
13 Replies
hoppy - July 11

Has anyone out there started on the new medication for fibro called Savella. I am only on my third day of it but it so far seems to help the stiffness and pain in my legs. Would appreciate any input if anyone is trying this drug.


Crystallinegreen - July 11

I started Savella two weeks ago and so far it has minimized my pain, elimintated the severe nausea, and lessened the constant ear aches I was having. I am still have some pain, but it has helped me leaps and bounds. Let me know how you do on it!



hoppy - July 11

Thanks so much for sharing........Today is my 4th day and I am feeling much better. I do feel somewhat fatigued, but dont know if thats because of the fibro or the med. Last night I did have an earache; was kinda baffled over that. Keep in touch and let me know how you are feeling.....hoppy


Fantod - July 13

I started the trial pack of Savella on Friday night. So far my energy level is better and more sustainable. But, I am having problems with being overly emotional, especially today. I was suppossd to go to the 50 mg dose twice a day now. I'm taking half a day off to see if that helps. I can't attribute my mood swings to anything other than this new drug. I am also extremely groggy which I hate. I am very sensitive to medication so what is good for the general population does not always apply to me. I'm going to try and stick this out for a while to see if I calm down. However, I suspect I will never be able to take 50mg a day as recommended. Overall I would say that I feel better than I did on Cymbalata.


hoppy - July 13

I also feel groggy on this Savella. I had a terrible night last night. I felt so jumpy, like I was jumping out of my skin. No sleep. I think I will take a day off from the med. to see what happens. I feel really irritable, also. I know that must be the drug because normally Im not that way. Time will tell.


lnavarro - July 14

I have used the drug and ended up in the cardiologist with palpitations, chest pains and cold/hold sweats after paying $300.00 for this drug from hell.


Fantod - July 14

I threw in the towel on this one. I can't tolerate the near hysteria this drug induces in me around the clock. I am going to call Forest Pharmaceuticals (800-678-1605 ext 66297) and speak to their pharmacists to see if there is another way to step up this drug more gradually. I was given a 2 week trial pack which apparently is too much for my system. I am extremely sensitive to medication.

I am really disappointed as I felt almost normal for the first time in almost three years after just the initial dose. In the interim, I am going back to Cymbalta. Once I have spoken to the Forest Pharmaceutical pharmacist, I'll post a follow up on their comments.

Incidentally, I get my scripts from Costco. My location is not stocking this drug and would have to order it. They also suggested that I double check with my insurance company to make sure it is covered.


Fantod - July 17

I had my chat with Forest Pharmaceuticals and they seem to think that I had an adverse reaction - DUH. They had no recommendations on a different way to use the trial pack. I have to go back to the rheumy and see if he wants to devise a new plan of attack. I'm just going to wait for my regularly scheduled appointment and use Cymbalta in the interim.


fibrofreaked - August 22

I started Savella 30 days ago. I tried Cymbalta first and literally couldn't see straight. I noticed immediate improvement in my usual morning herky jerky movements. The most improved part is the fog in my brain has cleared. I actually had an earache a couple of days early on and was a bit "agitated" when going to the 100mg. dose. I am very thankful that my doctor decided to put me on this. I still have to take it with food or I will get sick to my stomache. I really feel that I have gotten my life back. (I had also been having hypersomnia due to lack of sleep at night due to pain and now I am no longer napping during the day.)


Dirah0509 - September 5

I started taking Savella yesterday. I took 1 12.5 mg pill yesterday, today 12.5 mg this morning and 12.5 this evening. I already seem to not feel so tired as I have. I couldn't make it through a day without taking at least 3 naps a day and more than 1 hr. each also.


Tracieg - September 6

I tried Savella and couldn't take the side effects. I was about to jump out of my skin, very anxious and moody. Also the hot flashes were unbearable. Never experienced anything like this with any other medication. I only took it four days, quit that and threw it out, which was very disappointing because I had been waiting for 2 years to try it out when I found info. on it as Milnaciprin.


axxie - September 15

Well I can't wait until it arrives in Canada, apparently in the new year, by the way our government works, it might be the new year alright, but which one, 10 years from now!

Anyway, I'm doing ok on cymbalta 30mg, for now, I don't nap anymore only because I swallow so many vitamins to keep me going during the day and the weekly vitamin b-12 shot. What would I do without it, well I'd be so tired, I would not know which way was up.

Soon I guess for Savella for us in Canada, another bummer is having only two strength for Cymbalta which is 60 or 30mg. I'm telling you, we are being fleeced by the pharmaceutical company.

Anyway, enough of my bitching, I'll just have to live with it for now! I have no strength right now to write to my member of parliament, one days soon, I hope I do!!


somuchpain - September 17

I just started and it's not doing a whole lot yet. First day was really bad. I threw up several times and felt horrible all day. Today is better but pain has not subsided yet. I am hoping that I will see some relief soon.


Diagnosed2late - October 22

can some of you give us an update, now that you have been taking it longer? Or are there any others who have been taking it for a while?

I am taking Cymbalta now and it helps, but I would like to try this if it is better.



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