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Need support group today - venting
9 Replies
canadacalling - September 28

Hi everyone: The last two weeks have been nasty with other than fibro problems. Right now, my neck and shoulder are so very very sore, and the medications I can take like all Tylenols just are not cutting it. I just had a ekg monitor on for 2 weeks, that was fun all hooked up - they are rechecking again for the atrial fib. and maybe to get off warfarin; doubt this very much. I also have just had a partial plate put in for two missing bottom teeth and this is kind a sore and will be till I get adjusted to it. I will be lucky to keep the partial even in today. I hate taking medications, but I think I need stronger today, but I would give anything to get some. It is very early in the morning, and I have not had a good sleep - went back to my CPAP after all this other crap came off, so that was last night. I wish we had a walk in clinic here and I would go and get something else. Do any of you feel like you would like to get some decent pain medication. I hate going to another Doctor in our clinic, because they want you to see your own Dr. That is the trouble up here in Canada at least I find that. I think some people abuse some of the drugs, so everyone else gets nothing......

Need some cheering up = anyone?


Stacey373 - September 28

Hi Canadacalling - I haven't been feeling too great for the past week or so either. I've been extremely exhausted...literally sleeping my life away! Then this past weekend I had to do my daughter's birthday party and I swear that almost killed me! I didn't do much, but I woke up the next morning with every muscle in my body hurting and my skin even feels like it's bruised. It's been 3 days since the party and I still feel like hell! Ugh...don't like feeling this way!

I take some pretty strong pain medications, but lately I've noticed they are only lasting for about 2 hours at a time and then I have to take more. I'm going through them alot faster than I'm supposed to be because of this and I don't know how to talk to my doctor about this. Guess I will figure something out...

I can't imagine only having Tylenol to take...why aren't you taking stronger pain meds?

I'm sorry you are having a bad couple of weeks too...hang in I always tell myself, this will end eventually and I will be feeling "good" again. (grant it, my "normal good" is definitely NOT normal for most people!)

Keep Smiling & Take Care, Stacey :o)


canadacalling - September 28

Thanks Stacey: You know I think Fibro folks are of a perfectionist behavior, I know I am. It was so good to get your reply today. I am on cymbalta, but it is next to useless, but keep on taking it. I also take sleep medication but made a boo boo by taking melatonin with it and I had weird dreams, but did sleep. I take 30 mgms in the morning,and 30 mgms at night. I tried 6- mgms in one shot but it left me spacey, actually that was probably not too bad!! I am a person who lives alone, but there are neighbours and good friends around here, hating to ask for anything. An only child I am and think that is why I am so self reliant.... or try to be that I think I am a big pain in the butt to my friends, because I will not ask unless I have to.

What strong?? medications are you on?.

I gather your children are little are they for the birthday parties? I feel for you because I know that before this was dx. I didn't know why I was so yuk. It was dx many many years ago and it does not improve with age. I turned 70 in August........... Bye for now. Canadacalling.......


canadacalling - September 28

sorry, that should be 60 mgms of cymbalta. I sure do not put weight on with this one. Lyrica, I did.


Stacey373 - September 29

Hi Canadacalling - I'm 37 years old and I think I've had fibro since I was in my early to mid at the very minimum I've been dealing with this for 10 years. I have to agree, I think I've progressively gotten worse over time.

I've got 3 son is almost 17, and my daughters are 12 and almost 10. (almost meaning their birthdays are in November!) the birthday party we just had was for my 12 year old and I think it must be very stressful to have 10 pre-teen girls in the house with the way my body is feeling! I honestly didn't do too much, I had tons of activities to keep them all busy...but I was on my feet the entire day and I was cleaning up after them until late that night. But I knew if I didn't get it done while I was still feeling half way decent, it wouldn't get done! (I still have a sink full of dishes I haven't done in days! and of course, nobody else in my house will do them!)

anyways...the pain meds that I take are Norco 10/325 mg and I sometimes take 10 mg tablets of Methadone. The Norcos just aren't working like they used to and they are wearing off way too fast. but I have an appt with my doctor tomorrow so I will talk to her about it and see what she says.

It's time to wake my girls up for school...It's nice to talk to you...write me anytime. Take Care, Stacey :o)


lost_in_thot - October 1

I totally understand. I've told everyone for years that I suffer with a chemical imbalance, which I do, but now it's due to Fibro. I just went to walk-in clinic last week and they said I was too stressed and having anxiety problems. Did an EKG also and came out fine. Knew it would. That's so frustrating. No signs of this syndrome other than our mouths sharing it with others. If you want to hear my thoughts, check out my blog. I can't type it on here, so you'll have to figure out what I mean below. Hope you find it. I would love some mental company.

Where there are will need to add periods. rebecca-mylifewithfibro blogspot com. I hope that works. Just wanting to share my thoughts and story with people. Fibro is so many ways...financially, physically, and mentally.


duhda75 - October 1

Hello ladies
I know just what you are going through. This week has been the worst flare up ever since being diagnosed. I was in so much PAIN last night. If I had a sitter available I would have went to the ER. For some serious iv pain meds. I called my sister in tears. She also suffers from FMS. She has been dealing with it longer than I have, and I don't know how she has coped. I am fortunate to have her to vent to and talk to. My friends, family, and even my Husband can't truely know what I go through just to get through a day. I feel like I am cheating my kids out of their childhood. Anyways, I hope your days get better. BTW, I finally got to see my Dr today and he finally prescribed methadone 10mg and I will also continue my Norco 10/325 along with Soma 350mg. Also, I take xanax 2mg at night to help with sleep. I hope your day is a much better one tomorrow:0)


canadacalling - October 1

Stacey: I must be stupid, but what I don'tunderstand what you get in the States, Norco 10/325, what is Norco? I guess it must be a different name here, strength is 325, which is like Tylenol or Ibuprofen? Methadone 10 mgms - gosh! that is a strong drug, if I understand methadone but I guess 10 mgs is not that much. It is hard to know the equivalent. (in Canada to the U.S.A.) Perhaps Fantod can set me straight, she is sooooo knowledgeable.

Wow two teenagers at once that should make for some fun. I have lots of family birthdays in November - what a time to have children right before Christmas. I have a son who is 40 who lives in Michigan, and another who is 43 living in Canada. I have two grandchildren in Michigan and one is going to be 13 in October - lots of luck, very hard years to go through, and my granddaughter is a drama queen at 9......going on 10 in March.

Take good care of yourself because I really enjoy talking to you. Try to keep smiling.. Susan


Stacey373 - October 2

Hi Susan - Norco is just hydrocodone (like vicodin but stronger) it's 10 mgs of hydrocodone and 325 mgs of tylenol. I talked to my doctor about it not lasting as long anymore and all she did was give me more Methadone. Oh well. I'm still really tired...waking up all night long.

But today I HAVE to feel good! I don't have a choice! I promised to take my daughter to the mall so she can spend her birthday money. I guess I will just pop a few more pills and hopefully I won't be completely dying by tonight! If so, I can rest tomorrow.

I really can't imagine having 2 teenagers in the house! Actually it pretty much feels that way already! Kids these days are growing up WAY too fast! and my youngest daughter has grown up even faster with 2 older siblings. My 12 year old is in middle school this year and she's already starting to act like she knows everything....Heaven help me! LOL

Have you always lived in Canada? My husband keeps telling me with with the way the US is heading he may end up moving us to Canada! LOL I've lived ALOT of places throughout my life, but I've only been to Canada once (Vancouver, BC). I went there on a school trip when I was in Middle school many years ago.

Anyways...You take care of yourself and write me back soon! Stacey :o)


Stacey373 - October 2

Well I thought I would reply to you other ladies too!

Rebecca - I checked your blog out and it's pretty neat. I've never done any of these internet things before....this is the first forum I've ever been on. I'm assuming your blog is more like a personal journal, except everyone can read it if they want. I don't know...might be something I get into one day. I'm sure it's got to make you feel better just to get stuff out of your head. You should still keep coming's nice to talk to people who understand what you're going through.

Duhda - I totally understand what you mean about feeling like you are cheating your kids. I feel like that alot of the time. The one thing I've learned over the years is to not promise my kids that we are going to do something. (I broke that rule by promising my daughter I'd take her to the mall today!) But it breaks my heart to make plans and then I almost always will end up feeling too bad or have a bad headache and then I have tell them we can't go. I usually will now tell them it all depends on how I'm feeling and they try to understand but I know deep down they really don't understand and are upset.

anyways...I guess that's why I am willing to put my body through so much just to do something with them. did that make any sense?!? LOL Like today for example...I'm taking my girls to the mall to go shopping and I know I will probably "pay" for it tonight or tomorrow...but sometimes it worth it so I can do stuff with them, ya know what I mean?

But I also try to do little stuff with them and I think they appreciate the little things. Like I take my dog for a walk down our driveway every night and my youngest daughter will ride her bike with us. She really looks forward to this and I think it's her way of being able to spend one on one time with me. Or yesterday we sat on the couch for about an hour going through one of those "I spy" books and we had a lot of fun with that.

So anyways....I'm rambling....sorry....I have a bad habit of doing that! LOL What I'm trying to say is even though sometimes we can't do much with our kids like most Moms do...we can still enjoy the little things with them and maybe we actually appreciate it more than most people.'s time for me to get off of here and get ready to go to the mall. I hope everyone has a good day and a little less pain. Take Care, Stacey :o)



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