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My Wifes Pain
2 Replies
gunner319 - January 12

My wife has been officially diagnosed with fibro as she has pain in arms,legs, stomach, head etc ( pain of unknown origin). Her main complaints over last 6 months have been stomach pains and head throbbing, lightheadedness, inflammation of lymphnodes in neck and breast and over feeling like....well you know.
Although she has all these symptoms only one or 2 of them at a time really effect her. This has been a daily struggle for a while and it continues to exacerbate. She has undergone MANY procedures and tests and the results have been negative for any medical problems which is why they diagnosed fibromyalgia. She is having a hard time buying into this as she believes their is a "medical" reason for all this and the doctors are not thinking.
She is now taking meds for depression and anxiety and will begin therapy for the anxiety as they believe this is also putting a tremendous amount of stress on her body. Her pains and discomfort changes almost daily with the last 2 days being soreness around her breasts and abdomen. I see her suffer and it hurts me so much.

All ideas welcome..Thanks.


llcsmom - January 14

Hi gunner319,
You said that your wife is looking for a "medical" reason for this. I'm sure you have done research on FM and other disorders and conditions, like I have. The antidepressants not only have an antidepressant effect, they help to chemically balance the body during sleep and with serotonin levels)to help you sleep better and help with the nerve and pain communication mix -up that can occur with FM..

FM is real and it makes sense when you think about the mind-body connection. One of the theories of FM is that it can be brought on by stress--physical, emoional, etc. There are many good resources on this site and other on the internet and in books, if it would help her to read about it and see how other people cope with it.

There may even be a support group in your area.

Everything that you describe is very familiar to all of us involved with FM in some way. My daughter--11 y.o....was diagnosed las summer. Yes, the pain moves around--last year at this time (before the diagnosis) I felt like I was going crazy as she would wake up one morning with one pain or 2 or dizziness and then, the next day it was something else hurting, and then there are the flareups where alot of spots hurt alot. She, too, has headaches and lightheadedness She, like your wife has ALOT of abdominal pain. IBS is common with FM but I don't think she has IBS--just alot of stomach pain, abdominal pain. The fatigue has been pretty bad this winter--she has to go to the healthroom at school and take naps--which they have to wake her up from, and either send her back to class or send her home. At least the staff is pretty supportive of her and the FM. She could sleep and sleep and sleep some more if I let her. Yes, it is very hard to see your loved onego through all of this, but I try to remain as optimistic as possible, and tell my daughter that we need to be thankful that it isn't something worse. It is sooo hard to see her so tired and in such pain some days.
She, also, is seeing a counselor that wants to help my daughter feel like she is in control of her own body and has been working on her doing some aromatherapy and relaxation along with some counseling. That really seems to be helping her. There is a big connection between stress and physical and emotional pain--so anyway that you can break that vicious cycle--will help! She also has a TENS unit- to help on the days she has alot of pain-she likes to use that when she has a day with alot of back pain. I hope some of these thoughts can help!



gunner319 - January 19

Hi Dawn:

Thanks for the reply. I agree with the mind body connection, now the trick is to get her to believe. I am sorry to hear about your daughter and wish you and her well.



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