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My story
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RavenFax - July 2

You came to my life
Decades ago.
Silent and Stalking.
No one could know

I'm always so tired
you ust eed more sleep
Its off to bed early
awake, the darkness so deep

year after year
one more little test
frustration and anger
the answer's the quest

The pain always there
my constant friend
It's all in my head
Why won't it just end

The laundry, the dishes
Stop being so lazy
The house is a mess
I feel like I'm crazy

Honey, I'm sorry
did I forgt that thing
but I never forget
how the guilt stings

My body betrays me
It just isn't fair
It hurts so bad
Doc, don't you care!

Friend think I'm silly
Oh, she's just a flake
How long have you known me?
Its not me for pete's sake

Finally a doctor
who says its a shame
Here's what you've got
Fibromyalgia it's name

Relief at now knowing
there's a name for my pain
It's not all in my head
I just might be sane

I am not lazy
nor am I a flake
I can manage this
Piece of cake

I met my new body
How do you do
pace our selves dear
our activities are few

How Lucky I am
with my family and friends
so much love
their support now never ends.

Raven - 7/1/2009

20+ yrs ago a doctor told me I had contracted mono enough times that it just stayed dormant in my system until my resistance was low then it would pop back up. Being in my late teens and immortal I blew it off. 5 yrs later another doctor told me I had CFS, again being immortal i blew it off. over the last 20 yrs and a condition list nearly as long I have blown off these diagnosis because they never felt "right". Until June 18, 2009 when I was told I had FMS. That for some reason felt right. Hope it helps

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hoppy - July 5

Hi Raven; love your poetic take on fibro. I have just been diagnosed last year, after years of feeling really crummy and your poem hit the nail on the head in expressing how you feel. Take care of yourself......hoppy



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