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8 Replies
Ms sickandtired - March 2

Its been almost 5 yrs since i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but the last yr has been the worst. i lost my job bcaus i stayd sick so much im a single mom with 11 yr old twins. Im just tired the meds dont work anymore. I smile to keep frm cryn. I feel horrible just horrible and alone bcaus unless u hve this illness u cant possible understand what we go through. And yes i knw i hve a good support team with my parents & brothers & my daughters but lately i feel like a burden. im 31 with sadness n my heart


January - March 5

I'm so sorry to hear you feel so bad. It sounds like you have a lot on your shoulders being a single mom with twins! If you're not already on it, can you get on disability? I know it is really frustrating to keep going to doctors, but if your meds aren't working, have you told your doctor? There might be something else you can try. You owe it to yourself. You sound like you're really feeling sad - so please talk to someone and try to get some help soon.

Sending you hugs, and hoping you feel better soon. Stay in touch with us.


Ms sickandtired - March 5

Thanks & yes i talk to my doctor all the time he is a great supporter he listens always coming up with new ideas a real physician who cares. And abt disability i have applied but its so hard & could care less i had to hire a lawyer the letter disibility sent me says even though they know in sick with chronic fibromyalgia bcaus of ur education background & age they r sure i can find a job somewhere mkn $800 a month part time.. SMH! Its crazy bcaus i workd hard pay my taxes & put money n my ssi but they wont let me get it. Its a ridiculous system. But i cant give up i know its a light the end of this tunnel i just have to keep the faith. Its just overwhelming..... Thanks honey


January - March 5

Oh yeah, in this economy… glad you hired a lawyer. Other people on this forum have mentioned a company called Allsup that helped them file for disability, and they seem happy with the results.

So glad to hear you have a good doctor, that is a major hurdle. I feel bad when I read about the problems people go through trying to find a doctor who will work with them. My old doctor retired, and i had to go through a bunch of jerks before I found my rheumy. Each jerk charged for a "new patient" visit. It all comes out of my insurance, but my insurance isn't unlimited, so I get mad when they are charging almost $500 and I get nothing back!

Hang in there! You sound better today. It goes up and down, doesn't it?


Ms sickandtired - March 6

Im sorry dear some insurance companys r useless & tht makes some doctors thinkn its k to b jerks. As for how im feeln its overwhelming i just try not allow it to touch my spirit i cant remember the last time i had a day with no pain but i pray & pray & pray again bcaus only God can help me. so i try to keep my spirit up. I thank u for replyn bcaus tht also help....


January - March 6

If your doctor will work with you, and if you think you can handle it properly, you might ask about a low-dose pain med like Percocet. I know a lot of people with fibro who take it to make it through a work day, and it's helpful.

It would be good to find out what is causing the pain first though, because different drugs work on different types of pain.

All the best to you, feel better soon.


Ms sickandtired - March 7

Thanks dear yes i was on Percocets for years but it stop helping so i was taking off between that and tramadol another pain medicine. I was on lyrica cymbalta percocets tramadol premethazine and rozerem. I tooked pshysical therapy water arobics and more but right now nothing is helpong anymore. I miss working so much its now that I dont. I use to work in the burn trauma icu at a local hospital and i miss it so much.

Thanks so much


January - March 7

Wow. Burn unit is tough from what I hear. Bless your heart, I know you have seen it all. So sorry to hear the drugs stopped working, and hope you get some relief soon.


Ms sickandtired - March 9

Bless u honey thanks for caring



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